VIDEO: Ban guns, skateboards, to save just one life, say students

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President Obama has argued that any new gun law which would “save just one life” is worthwhile — but just how far does that reasoning work?

A group of students from the University of Colorado unanimously supported President Obama on that point... but pushed further, agreeing that perhaps Obama ought to regulate bicycles and skateboards because they are the cause the of many injuries and deaths each year.

“This whole constitutional stuff and Bill of Rights is a bunch of crap.”   

“Yes,” responded one student, “definitely, stricter bike control laws.”

WATCH “This whole constitutional stuff and Bill of Rights is a bunch of crap.”

“A lot of people think that they’re losing an essential right, as an American, when they lose the right to bear arms. But I agree that the loss of life is much more important to the country than the loss of a single right.”

When asked, “For the purpose of preventing a tragedy from occurring do you think we should enact stricter bicycle control laws?”

One student responded “We need more bicycle safety laws."

Over 450 annual fatalities are caused by people falling out of bed and 600 die annually in bicycle related accidents.

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@C_Spencer_ @campusreform confused just retyped this professor's argument, making no attempt to refute it

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@campusreform @FrickePete there you have it "common sense" reform is code for a bizarre hatred of certain inanimate objects.

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