VIDEO: Brown U. students slam Fox News as ‘exploitative’ and ‘misogynistic’ for report on Brown’s nudity week

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  • 'Nudity in the Upspace' is week-long, student led event, that features nude yoga, body painting, and cabaret
  • Claimed reporter Jesse Watters may be guilty of 'sexual harassment'
  • Watters broke a famous sex story at Brown back in 2005
  • Brown University student organizers for the event tweeted a nude photo of themselves to Fox News.

    Students at Brown University (Brown) slammed Fox News as “exploitative” and “misogynistic” last week after reporter Jesse Watters produced a report on the school’s annual on-campus event called “Nudity in the Upspace.”

    The student’s comments were organized in a YouTube video posted on The Brown Political Review’s official channel.

    WATCH: Students decry Fox News’ report on their nude event

    One video commentator, ID’d as “Todd,” called Fox News’s on-campus report  “pretty offensive” and “probably exploitative” that a “forty something year old man from Fox News” would question students about the nudity event.

    He was apparently referring to Jesse Watters, the well known man-on-street producer for Fox, who broke a famous story about a sex party at Brown, back in 2005.

    “The women here are smart are empowered they’re young women making decisions intentionally and they have every right to do so and asking them those types of questions just reinforces these sort of negative stereotypes  around women and is really just sort of just deeply misogynistic,”  said another student, identified in the video as “Jordan.”

    “Maybe they should think about why they’re so uncomfortable with the fact that we’re taking our clothes off and maybe that should be the fodder for discussion,” he added.

    “I think that it’s pushing back on this idea that the human body is something to satisfy someone else’s gaze,” said “Radhika” on the intention of the event.

    Student calling themselves “Afia” and “Sophia” also both criticized Fox News for covering the event during the government shutdown.

    “We’re not at a frat party getting naked, this is intellectual and to take it out of that context is awful reporting,” said “Michael.”

    Student’s claiming to be the nudity event’s organizers also suggested the conservative news networks questions to students could constitute “sexual harassment” citing the “twisted intentions of a powerful news platform that exploited the event.”

    Nudity in the Upsace is a weeklong program which started Monday and featured nude body painting, nude yoga, nude theater, and nude cabaret.

    Fox News Insider reported Watter's told Bill O'Reilly on his Friday show that he's now pro nudity week.

    "I’m actually pro-nudity week now. Okay, I think it’s a positive thing – they persuaded me. I think there’s some value in it,” he said.

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