SHOCK VIDEO: College students blame Obama, Dems for shutdown

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  • University of Colorado - Boulder is a liberal stronghold
  • 'Obamacare is stupid,' said one student
  • Blame for Dems was nearly unanimous among students surveyed
  • Students at the University of Colorado - Boulder (CU), a dependably liberal college town, blamed President Obama and Democrats on Tuesday for the ongoing government shutdown, which is now in its second week. 

    “He’s [Obama] just being really stubborn, not willing to negotiate at all, not taking any ideas from anyone else, it’s either his way or the highway and apparently we got to shutdown the government because of that,” one student told Campus Reform.

    "Obamacare is stupid. You shouldn't be required to have health care."   

    "Obamacare is stupid. You shouldn't be required to have health care," said another student. 

    Watch: Students at the liberal U of Colorado blame Obama, Dems, for shutdown fight

    Students who spoke with Campus Reform at UC-Boulder, a town known for tofu hot dog stands and a self-imposed carbon tax, acknowledge it was ironic that they blamed Democrats rather than Republicans for the fiscal impasse. 

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    .@YALiberty students confronted while passing out Constitutions:

    @jthomas309 - 1 hour ago

    @outspoken45 @campusreform But it is exactly the time to pound the stake in

    @outspoken45 - 1 hour ago

    @jthomas309 @campusreform is delicious to flame out these contradicting facist loons when they begin to trip over their own lies.

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    @campusreform Probably not in the faculties of Science, Medicine or Law.

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    @outspoken45 @MaryAKoontz @campusreform That's when they're the most fun to confront. ..when they're losing power

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    Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’ via @campusreform

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    @campusreform: Illegal immigrant granted $15K scholarship in #California:” @realDonaldTrump

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    @jthomas309 @MaryAKoontz @campusreform Absolutely..and as the country catches onto their gameplan..there power is disinigrating.