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The Leadership Institute, which is the parent organization of Campus Reform, and Free Think University, are now offering a multi-media, online series on the “the American Conservative Tradition,” titled Conservatism 101.

The course, now it its fourth week, includes “a rigorous examination of the American conservative intellectual tradition,” according to it's official description, and is based upon conservative activist Christopher Malagisi’s curriculum on the same subject, currently being taught at the American University, in Washington D.C.

New lectures will continue to appear online once a week in a total of 14-segments. Each segment includes a 45-min lecture from different conservative thinkers, as well as supplemental reading materials. For example, Wall Street Journal conservative opinion writer Stephen Moore headlined the second week of the course with a lecture titled "What is Libertarianism?"

According to the Leadership Institute, these lectures focus on the big questions of the conservatism movement, including its history, origin, driving principles, successes failings, and it's future.  

Participants are invited to complete an assignment after each session to earn Free Think University points which can be used to win cash scholarships.

Mark Levin, Becky Norton Dunlop, Tony Perkins, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Morton Blackwell, all deliver exclusive, never-before-seen-lectures in the course. 

Morton Blackwell, who is the founder of the Leadership Institute, told Campus Reform that Conservative 101's purpose is "equip the next generation of leaders in America with a clear view of the values and ideals of the American conservative tradition."  

"We are happy to be leading the way with Free Think University in bringing the world-class college course experience to thousands of students," he added. "It is related to a vital part of our mission.”

Mark Levin will teach the next course this Wednesday, Oct. 23, titled “Why is the Constitution Important??”

For more information about the Conservatism 101 courses, go to Free Think University.  

To submit questions for future courses, email ideas@freethinku.com.

Editor's note: "Conservatism 101" is a project of the Leadership Institute, which is the parent organization of Campus Reform.


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