UPenn students stage hoax event to mock Bristol Palin, abstinence

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  • Palin is an adamant advocate of abstinence
  • One of the fliers announcing the hoax event featuring Bristol Palin.

    Fliers on the University of Pennsylvania's campus announcing a speech by Bristol Palin turned out to be a hoax students created to mock the daughter of former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin who is a an adamant advocate of abstinence.

    "Bristol Palin has travelled (sic) the U.S. advocating for abstinence, earning her the name "The Worst Person In The World," reads the fake event description in "Under the Button," which calls itself "Your 24/7 news source for all things Penn."

    "No offense B, but Penn kids are active, and the university dishes out more free condoms than acceptance letters," it continues.

    UPenn Spec, the official Facebook page for the school's Social Planning and Event Committee, praised the students' prank.

    "Contrary to Under the Button's story this morning, Bristol Palin will not be our fall speaker," the post states. "However, we congratulate the masterminds of this hoax for their poster-making skills and flyer-ing tactics! We look forward to announcing our fall speaker in the coming week!"

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