School condemns frat for hosting ‘Colonial Bros and Nava-Hos' bash but clears it of wrongdoing

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  • Admin will now hire a ‘diversity specialist,’ launch sensitivity survey, host forum to increase diversity
  • School concluded 20-day investigation into party, which had 60-attendees
  • ’We personally deplore this behavior,’ said the school’s president
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    Administrators at a public university in California concluded a 20-day investigation into a  “Colonial Bros and Nava-Ho’s” frat party on Tuesday by condemning it’s participants while simultaneously clearing them of wrongdoing.

    “While we personally deplore this behavior, the University's review found no verifiable evidence that any campus policies were violated."   

    In a statement, the president of the California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), Jeff Armstrong, called the party “offensive,” but said it was within students rights to host it.

    “While we personally deplore this behavior, the University's review found no verifiable evidence that any campus policies were violated,” he wrote in the public letter.”

    “The review found no evidence that party hosts systematically billed the party theme in offensive terms, but it appears some of the party planners did so in an informal way,” said Armstrong.

    In the letter Armstrong also called the party “problematic,” and said it demeaned women and Native Americans.

    Administrators in several of the school’s agencies also announced their plans to respond to the party with a a massive educational effort aimed at increasing tolerance on campus.

    The university also plans to survey the campus on diversity issues in February, hire a new “diversity specialist,” and host a forum on Friday in which “Cal Poly community members... come together and discuss the impact of the party,” according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports.

    That forum follows another forum the school hosted Nov. 22, which hundreds of students reportedly attended.

    The school launched the investigation in November, saying they had received a formal complaint about the party, in which some men allegedly dressed as colonists while some women allegedly dressed in sexually suggestive Native American outfits.

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