University of Colorado may cut hours on student jobs due to new Obamacare regs

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  • Administrator complains school is getting 'very little guidance' from the feds
  • Law could force school to provide costly benefits to students, or reduce hours
  • School is considering restricting students hours to comply with law
  • Kristen Robards, like other students employees, may not be able to work full-time on campus. (Photo by Nick Burns)

    Officials at the University of Colorado (CU) are scrambling to figure how new regulations stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may negatively affect student employees, top administrators told The Scribe this month. 

    The regulation that has officials most worried may take effect in 2014 and will require employers to provide costly health care benefits to all employees who work "on average at least 30 hours of service per week.”

    “It will have a change definitely on how we calculate time worked,” Lisa Landis, who is the assistant vice president of Employee Services for the CU system told The Scribe. “We are getting very little guidance from federal regulations.”

    Read the full story on The Scribe, a student publication at CU-Colorado Springs.

    Susan Szpyrka, the vice chancellor for Administration and Finance for the school, said the school is still trying to figure out which students the new law will affect. 

    “I cannot tell you we are or are not going to restrict people to 30 hours a week because we have made no decision on that,” Szpyrka said.

    “[W]e’re trying to get clarity around how the 75-percent full-time equivalency will apply to student employees," she added.

    Much of the question hinges on if the 30-hour limit will be enforced as a weekly maximum or as a 1,560-hour yearly total.

    “It isn’t saying that someone can’t work 35 hours in one week or 39 hours in one week," said Szpyka. "It’s saying that we’re still trying to figure it out.

    "I’ve been asking for advice on this now since probably July,” she added.

    Read the rest of the story at The Scribe...


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