U of Chicago to host ‘clothing optional’ dance party in campus hall

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  • Though costumes are "**highly** recommended," the event is "clothing optional"
  • The University of Chicago is kicking off Sex Week 2014 with a "Lascivious Ball" in which students will not be required to wear clothing.

    "Start off Sex Week right by partying in Ida Noyes!" states the Facebook event description. There will be a DJ, dance performances, finger food, a fashion show, and more. No shirt, no shoes, no problem!"

    "Ida Noyes" refers to Ida Noyes Hall, an official campus building.

    Although the event description states that “Costumes [are] **highly** recommended,” the accompanying event flyer states that the attire for the event is “clothing optional.”

    It also advises students not to be concerned about the weather when deciding how much clothing to wear.

    “(Oh, it's too cold? - FREE coat check on second floor!),” it states.

    The event is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 7. As of publishing time, over 270 people had signaled they would attend.

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    Emilio S. Hernandez
    @TheOrangeCircle - 15 min ago

    ???? RT @campusreform: Univ. of New Mexico to host 'threesome' sex event for students http://t.co/CNLFCp2jKB via @campusreform & @MaggieLitCRO

    @drew74rush - 33 min ago

    This shit is hilarious! Someone call Al Gore! Prof Says Global Warming to Blame for ISIS http://t.co/eTRmJ83Vwc via @campusreform

    MS Apis
    @SisApis - 1 hour ago

    Prof. says global warming to blame for ISIS http://t.co/dIJ4Ihjg9h via @campusreform

    Lauren Cooley
    @laurenacooley - 1 hour ago

    @mikerotondo86 @campusreform So just what is the correlation between melting ice and psycho killers? Correlation doesn't = causation

    Mike Rotondo
    @mikerotondo86 - 1 hour ago

    @laurenacooley @campusreform one of the greatest hoax perpetrated by leftist is man made Global Warming ... #tax&spend

    @justthoughts19 - 1 hour ago

    Univ. of New Mexico to host 'threesome' sex event for students http://t.co/F7LSXyLBJc via @campusreform