Ivy League university revives Navy ROTC program

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  • Princeton ended Navy ROTC program in 1971.
  • Revived program comes as part of a crosstown agreement with Rutgers University.
  • Princeton University will bring the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) back to its campus later this year.

    The NROTC program was active at Princeton from 1945 until it was ended during the Vietnam War. When the program is offered this fall, it will be the first time the university has had a Navy ROTC in over forty years.

    Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber said he had heard from alumni how important the program was in their lives and was “glad that this generation of students will have access to the kinds of training that the program provides and to the kinds of leadership positions for which it will prepare them.”

    The revived program is an agreement between Princeton, Rutgers University, and the Navy, according to a news release posted online by Princeton. An Air Force ROTC program exists between Princeton and Rutgers under a similar agreement, and the Ivy League school has had an Army ROTC program since 1919.

    Sterling Beard

    Sterling Beard


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