Rhode Island school failed to alert students of violent threat until hours after it was received

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  • Kevin Pacheco threatened to "end" Roger Williams University if it failed to meet his demands.
  • Emailed threat was received at 9:38 a.m. but school didn't email students until 12:50 p.m.
  • A former law school student at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. is in police custody, after he sent a violent 33-page email Tuesday morning to half-a-dozen faculty, according to CBS Boston.

    Kevin Pacheco was arrested after a lengthy eight hour standoff with police in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. A search of his house yielded “several weapons and books related to becoming a serial killer and manufacturing methamphetamine,” according to the Providence Journal.

    The email asked for $12 million in lost wages and Pacheco threatened to “end the school” if they didn’t comply with his demands. Pacheco also inappropriately mentioned another student in his email, Caitlin McGuire, whom he had harassed on Facebook in 2011.

    After the 2011 incident, McGuire hadn’t heard anything more about Pacheco until she received a text message at 10:01 a.m. from the university about the threats. Upon hearing about the threats, she was alarmed that no RWU public safety officers or member of the law department offered to safely escort her home.

    Other students also believed that the university put their safety in jeopardy because they were not alerted until hours after the threats were received.

    Deputy Chief of Police Steven Contente said that Bristol police became aware of the email threats at 9:38 a.m. but didn’t take any direct action because it didn’t sound like anything would happen immediately.

    Brian Clark, director of public affairs for Roger William University said that the university did not release an email until 12:50 p.m. because the university’s “public safety team, working jointly with Bristol police, determined that there was no immediate safety threat to the law school, the broader Roger Williams University campus and specific individuals on campus.”

    It wasn’t until 6:30 p.m. that Pacheco surrendered to police.

    Police later sent him to St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford for further psychiatric evaluation. According to the police department, he will be arraigned on Thursday on charges of extortion and threats.

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    Padraig Cæl
    @Peetweefish - 6 hours ago

    @Coondawg68 @michelelfrost @NorthDallas30 @campusreform I can guarantee there was already this exact shit for applying to eng programs.

    Padraig Cæl
    @Peetweefish - 6 hours ago

    @Coondawg68 @michelelfrost @NorthDallas30 @campusreform I was engineering 3 yrs and then zoology/biochem. Good bye good programs.

    Chris Coon
    @Coondawg68 - 6 hours ago

    @Peetweefish @NorthDallas30 @michelelfrost @campusreform horribly racist and harmful. No wonder progressives like it

    Chris Coon
    @Coondawg68 - 6 hours ago

    @Peetweefish @NorthDallas30 @michelelfrost @campusreform it causes more lower performing students to flunk out/drop out or fail post-grad

    Michele Frost
    @michelelfrost - 6 hours ago

    @NorthDallas30 @Coondawg68 @Peetweefish @campusreform Or that the kid had shitty schools that he couldn't leave because of teachers unions

    Padraig Cæl
    @Peetweefish - 6 hours ago

    @NorthDallas30 @Coondawg68 @michelelfrost @campusreform Already more aid in the form of tutoring & study groups are available to minorities.

    @NorthDallas30 - 6 hours ago

    @Coondawg68 @Peetweefish @michelelfrost @campusreform Yep. It can't possibly be that the kid didn't study.

    Chris Coon
    @Coondawg68 - 6 hours ago

    @Peetweefish @michelelfrost @NorthDallas30 @campusreform goal of this particular program seems to be moving minorities to undrep fields

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