VIDEO: CRO tests Michelle Obama’s idea that calling people ‘knuckleheads’ will make them buy something

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  • First Lady Michelle Obama told Jimmy Fallon that young people need Obamacare because they're 'knuckleheads.'
  • Campus Reform tried out the First Lady's sales pitch with a $300 bottle of water.
  • Michelle Obama made the comment when Fallon asked why young people would buy Obamacare when they 'don't have money to spend.'
  • First Lady Michelle Obama told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show Thursday night that even though they don’t have money, young people need to buy Obamacare because they are “knuckleheads.”

    Michelle Obama made the "knucklehead" comment in response to Fallon asking why young people would buy health insurance when they "don't have money to spend."

    Campus Reform hit the street on Saturday, using a $300 bottle of water to determine if calling someone a “knucklehead” would make them want to buy something they could not afford.

    “You’re a knucklehead, does that make you want to buy my bottle of water?” Campus Reform asked two girls.

    “It makes me want to cross the street,” one responded.

    Watch: Campus Reform tells people they're "knuckleheads" for not buying her $300 bottled water.

    After several hours on the street, nobody took Campus Reform up on the offer, but several did get frustrated with the name calling.

    “That’s kind of rude,” one girl responded.

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    Samantha Shimer
    @SamanthaShimer - 1 hour ago

    @SummerRatcliff @campusreform I'm sorry, but what? This is like something from The Onion.

    Rodney Udell
    @RodneyUdell - 1 hour ago

    @campusreform Why does he need to apologize for wearing Arab garb? He looks good in it!??

    @JenderFatigue - 3 hours ago

    Selena Lester Breikss & Washington State University @WSUNews Campus Reform @campusreform

    Always On Watch
    @Always_On_Watch - 4 hours ago

    Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’ - via @campusreform

    Campus Reform
    @campusreform - 7 hours ago

    We've just announced our 'Bias Course Contest!' Get more details here:

    @sorrowen - 10 hours ago

    @mike4libertyCA @campusreform @FrickePete To be honest I side with @KennedyNation saying atheism is a organized religion

    @mike4libertyCA - 10 hours ago

    @sorrowen Leftism is the religion of Academia. Our universities are left wing seminaries.@campusreform @FrickePete