#BarackTology: Millennials rank the top Obama scandals

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Students on the campus of George Mason University picked the NSA collection of data, the president’s lie that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” and the IRS targeting of conservatives as the top Obama scandals in a parody bracket released Friday.

Campus Reform asked students to fill out a scandal-based bracket ranging from Benghazi and Fast and Furious to the IRS targeting of conservatives and the NSA’s collection of data.

“It’s pretty incredible actually, I didn't realize how many scandals were going on,” said one student.

Another millennial advanced the IRS scandal because “that’s probably how [Obama] got into office.”

Watch the hilarious #BarackTology video here

What scandal do you advance?

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1. Obama bypasses congress, delays Obamacare #Bypass

2. Fast and Furious #F&F

3. IRS targeting of conservatives #IRS

4. Botched rollout of HealthCare.gov #RolloutFail

5. Department of Justice spying on reporters #Spy

6. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” #Promise

7. NSA collection of data #NSA

8. What Difference Does It Make #Benghazi

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@puckroger - 46 min ago

@campusreform I'm so glad there's people out there like you who are exposing the liberal retarded bias

@NAAPC - 2 hours ago

Thought-bigot #CryBullies like @OSU_Law's Kathy Seward Northern need fired. https://t.co/MkELhSnY8U cc @campusreform https://t.co/u0WWthVMt4

@Nanner555 - 2 hours ago

@campusreform FINALLY! Rules/Laws! Suspend/expel. Lose scholarships! Fire faculty! Maybe parents will parent! Teachers will teach! Amen!

The Irishman
@commonpatriot - 3 hours ago

via @campusreform: De Blasio says Yale should rename Calhoun College: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio... https://t.co/jr1E7Z1Vhf #tcot

Charlie Mike
@CharlieMikeMeme - 3 hours ago

@campusreform wouldn't that fall into the DOE's definition of "harassment"?

@KBYRAM700 - 3 hours ago

Lauren Thompson from @campusreform joins the @michaeldukeshow find more here: https://t.co/QbylIUL3gp https://t.co/gtCCfxHSyR

@NationPride2015 - 4 hours ago

@campusreform Parents of these imbeciles who are non-achievers & without merit, skills or capability are as big a failures as their imbecile

Linda Jacobs
@lindajjacobs - 4 hours ago

Fossil fuel divestment activists fold after Stanford threatens disciplinary action https://t.co/cSjx79ub6Y via @campusreform

@incognito912 - 4 hours ago

.@campusreform .@FrickePete #OWS Marxists crawl out from under their rocks in time to attempt to force #hillary into office