Report: College instructor spent months teaching students the wrong class

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  • Thao Shirley Nguyen spent months teaching a general chemistry course to an introductory chemistry class.
  • An instructor at a college in Houston admitted that she had spent months teaching the wrong class, according to one student’s report.

    Thao Shirley Nguyen spent months of the fall 2013 semester teaching students at Lone Star College - University Park a general chemistry class when she was supposed to be teaching the introductory chemistry they had signed up for, Lauren Firmin said.

    “I was getting 40’s on every test,” Firmin told KHOU, a local news source. “I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try.”

    Firmin said Nguyen admitted her mistake to the class shortly before the final exam, and added extra credit to their grades as a consolation. Firmin’s grade was changed from an “F” to a “B,” which ruined her 4.0 GPA.

    Nguyen has refused to comment on the issue, and the school has said it will not launch a formal investigation.

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    @prodigyat9 - 38 min ago

    @campusreform Well if they named it after a civilized black person that would not mollify the masses.

    Gabriel Nadales
    @gabnadales - 38 min ago

    Berkeley Black Student Union wants to rename hall after convicted cop killer via @campusreform

    Kathy Jacobs
    @kkeejj - 49 min ago

    @confusedabout @campusreform @gabnadales I can almost quote his "I got thrown out of a bar in New York City" bit word for word.

    Kathy Jacobs
    @kkeejj - 52 min ago

    @confusedabout @campusreform @gabnadales I love love love him. Wish he'd be a little less graphic. His salute to the troops is great.

    Red West
    @RedWest1 - 53 min ago

    @campusreform If ever there was a case FOR global warming & rising seas swallowing coastal towns… Berkeley is the poster-child.

    @confusedabout - 53 min ago

    @kkeejj @campusreform @gabnadales indeed. I just saw Ron White last fall. lmao all night. Had a great date night w/ my lovely wife.

    Kathy Jacobs
    @kkeejj - 55 min ago

    @confusedabout @campusreform @gabnadales Although comedian Ron White says "You can't fix stupid."

    @confusedabout - 55 min ago

    @campusreform @gabnadales These people are a special kind of stupid. N Korea & Assad kind of stupid. But most will grow up eventually.

    @bob4gov_now - 58 min ago

    Berkeley to avoid calling freshmen 'spring admits' because it hurts their feelings via @campusreform #Libusters

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