Harvard to let the United Nations dictate how it spends college endowment money

Katherine Timpf

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  • Harvard is taking a cue from the UN when it comes to their endowment money.
  • University president justifies decision over concern for climate change.
  • Harvard is the first university to adhere to these guidelines.
  • Harvard University has committed to listening to the United Nations (UN) when deciding how to spend the college’s endowment money.

    “Harvard’s endowment will become a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI),” Harvard President Drew G. Faust announced in an email on Monday.

    “Harvard Management Company will manage Harvard’s endowment consistent with these principles,” she continued.

    PRI instructs supporters to focus on environmental and social impacts, according to a description of the principles on a UN website.

    To adhere to the policy, Harvard will launch a Climate Change Solutions Fund and expand its efforts in the areas of sustainability and climate change, saying that people must “devote” themselves to these issues.

    “Worldwide scientific consensus has clearly established that climate change poses a serious threat to our future,” Faust’s email stated.

    Harvard is the first college to commit itself to these guidelines.

    Harvard did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication.

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    Katherine Timpf

    Katherine Timpf


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    "@campusreform: 17 percent of @Harvard’s graduating class admits to cheating in academics: http://t.co/I9j0aPjW67 by @kctimpf"|so really 35%

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    @campusreform @kctimpf @Harvard which means the actual percentage is closer to 50%.

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    @campusreform @Harvard @kctimpf Given the quality of politicized academics taught in the Ivyswhat does it matter.

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    #highered RT @campusreform: 17 percent of @Harvard’s graduating class admits to cheating in academics: http://t.co/YtjPyaSPEv by @kctimpf

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    17 percent of @Harvard’s graduating class admits to cheating in academics: http://t.co/RjdwsCjuoH by @kctimpf

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    NYU Professor: Make humans ‘greener’ through genetic modification http://t.co/nR1rMi9yCc via @campusreform

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    @JetSetterRyan @WLibertarian @campusreform @ auspol Affirmative action is a sure way for mankind to sink to the primordial swamps again

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    .@bluecollarsales lol. Ever step on a university campus? Leftism rules the day and common sense is nowhere to be found . @campusreform

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    @mike4libertyCA @campusreform good lord. And they call GOP nut jobs right? What a douchebag!

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