VIDEO: Democrat speakers outnumber Republicans 2:1 for upcoming commencement ceremonies

Sterling Beard

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  • Executive branch speakers include five Democrats and zero Republicans.
  • GOP governors outnumber Democrats 29 to 21, yet Dems have nearly doubled the number of GOP governors speaking on campus.
  • 10 of 16 members of President Obama’s cabinet are scheduled for a commencement address.
  • A study, released last week by Campus Reform, revealed liberal bias on campus as 57 Democrats are currently scheduled to deliver the commencement address compared to 26 Republicans.

    Campus Reform’s Editor-in-Chief, Caleb Bonham, sat down with Tucker Carlson to talk about why universities are lacking diversity of thought for the upcoming spring ceremonies.

    “What I found to be surprising was when you break this down by category, the proportions are completely out of whack,” Bonham told Tucker Carlson.

    “Democrats hold 21 seats as governors in America, Republicans hold 29. You would think the proportion would be fair.”

    Read the study here

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    Sterling Beard

    Sterling Beard


    Sterling Beard is Campus Reform’s editor-in-chief. Previously, he worked as an Editorial Associate at National Review Online, a Staff Writer at The Hilland as Campus Reform’s news editor.

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    Campus Reform
    @campusreform - -977 min ago

    @KarlRove [is] sought after, but to call him a political ‘brain’ is to discredit valid political intellectualism.”

    Marie von Astra
    @marievonastra - 35 min ago

    @campusreform @KarlRove Undergrads can't bear to hear things they disagree with? Why don't they just talk to themselves in the mirror? #1A

    Mark F
    @TRUCKERSMART - 38 min ago

    @campusreform @KarlRove @antonia_okafor guess they dont teach freedom of speech anymore

    Robert Smith
    @res416 - 1 hour ago

    REPORT: Students clueless about American government, history #Ccot #tcot via @campusreform

    Robert Smith
    @res416 - 2 hours ago

    Purdue staff member calls pro-life students ‘vile, racist idiots’ #Ccot #tcot via @campusreform

    lisa roder
    @LisaRoder - 2 hours ago

    Purdue staff member calls pro-life students ‘vile, racist idiots’ via @campusreform

    @antifemz - 2 hours ago

    @campusreform @Mizzou Then deal w/ your BS #SJW problem and your students race baiting. Get control and #teach w/o bias.

    Jeffery Passage CPA
    @JeffPassage - 2 hours ago

    @campusreform When all these colleges have massive endowment funds, I never want to hear "we're down to the bone."

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