STUDY: University finds ‘fat-shaming’ more harmful than racism

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  • The study used 6,000 participants over four years.
  • A Florida State University (FSU) study has found that “fat-shaming” is more harmful to a person’s health than discrimination associated with racism or sexism.

    Researchers from the school’s College of Medicine studied more than 6,000 participants over the span of four years.

    “The detrimental effect of discrimination on physical and emotional health … [was] driven primarily by discrimination based on personal characteristics that change over time (e.g., age, weight) rather than discrimination based on more stable characteristics (e.g., race, sex),” states a summary of the study’s findings in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

    The study found that discrimination based on weight, appearance, physical disability and age “was associated with poor subjective health, greater disease burden, lower life satisfaction, and greater loneliness ... with declines in health across the four years.”

    Discrimination based on race, sex ancestry or sexual orientation was associated with greater loneliness, but those feelings did not intensify over time.

    The participants completed the first survey in 2006 and the second in 2010.

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    @williamharley13 - 1 hour ago

    @campusreform It's just a project...I think it looks great..Geeze don't get hung up on little things, there are bigger things to worry about

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    @CalebBonham @campusreform every professor of the university in the United States is liberal.

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    Cal State de-recognizes Christian group for wanting Christian leaders via @campusreform

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    Ridiculous. "@campusreform: Cal State de-recognizes Christian group for wanting Christian leaders:

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    "We are going to destroy this!" U of O students limit free speech on campus. via @campusreform @foxnation

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    @campusreform @peterjhasson So, if there is a Muslim group on campus is a Christian allowed to lead that? This is stupid!

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    Cal State de-recognizes Christian group for wanting Christian leaders via @campusreform

    Antonia Okafor
    @antonia_okafor - 3 hours ago

    Pro-life activists face opposition at U of Oregon via @campusreform

    John Nicoson
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    If group can’t assure its leaders believe in Jesus Christ, what’s the use of having a group at all? @campusreform