Georgia Attorney General rules out concealed carry on campus

Samantha Reinis
South Carolina Campus Correspondent

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  • Georgia AG Sam Olens (R) clarified that two bills dealing with guns and weapons, House Bill 60 and House Bill 826, will not allow carrying on college campuses.
  • Starting July 1, licensed gun owners in Georgia will not have the freedom to bring their weapons to college campuses.

    Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens clarified two seemingly contradictory gun bills, House Bill 60 and House Bill 826, by stating that “there is a general prohibition against carrying weapons in a school safety zone.”

    Olens noted that the two bills have “conflicts” that have caused apparent confusion.

    House Bill 60, the “guns everywhere” bill, gives licensed gun owners the opportunity to carry firearms into bars, government buildings with no security checkpoint, and churches that choose to “opt-in.” House Bill 826 changes the “zero-tolerance policy” to allow school administrators to determine the appropriate punishment for bringing a weapon to school; the bill overturns the current provision of automatic expulsion with police reference if a weapon is found on campus.

    “However, a person who possesses a weapons carry license may have a weapon when carrying or picking up a student and may have a weapon in a vehicle that is in transit or parked within school safety zone,” Olens continued.

    This clarification was brought on by the “numerous inquiries from state agencies” that the two laws provoked.


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    Samantha Reinis

    Samantha Reinis

    South Carolina Campus Correspondent

    As a Campus Correspondent,  Sam covers liberal bias and abuse at South Carolina's colleges and universities. She is currently a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Philosophy at Clemson University. Samantha is currently the Editor in Chief of Clemson University’s conservative publication, The Tiger Town Observer.

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