University hunting for vandal who carved swastikas in hallway of Jewish student’s apartment

Letty Burgin
Campus Correspondent

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  • Michelle Feldman discovered nine swastika carvings in her apartment.
  • Because there were no suspects, the incident was reported as vandalism instead of a hate crime.
  • Arrests have yet to be made after swastikas were found carved in the hallways of a University of Central Florida’s (UCF) off-campus apartment.

    On April 26th, 21-year-old UCF student Michelle Feldman discovered nine swastika carvings in her apartment at University House, an off-campus apartment complex at UCF. Her discovery came only three weeks after she found her mezuzah (a traditional Jewish prayer box) smashed. Feldman reported both of the anti-Semitic acts to housing officials and the Orange County Sheriff’s department.

    However, because deputies could not locate any suspects in the case, the incident was reported as vandalism instead of a hate crime.

    University House resident Tiffany Sarg told Campus Reform that she was never contacted by the Sheriff’s office or anyone investigating the crime and only “found out about the event from seeing it in the news.” Sarg also said she considered the incident to be “messed up and discriminatory.”

    After the incident, University House sent an email to residents claiming that they would repair the damage immediately, increase security, and offered a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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    Letty Burgin

    Letty Burgin

    Campus Correspondent

     As a Campus Reform contributor, Letty reveals liberal bias on university campuses across the state of Florida. Letty recently finished her freshman year at Ave Marie University and is earning her B.A. in Political Science.

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