Stanford professor arrested for attempting to bring WWII-era grenade on plane

Samantha Reinis
South Carolina Campus Correspondent

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A Stanford professor was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for possession of a “destructive device” last week.

Political Science Professor Gary Cox allegedly carried an inactive grenade in his carry-on luggage, which led to his arrest and a $500,000 bail. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) discovered the weapon and arrested him on the grounds of placing a destructive device in a public space.

Cox said the incident an honest mistake, as he was carrying back antiques from his late parents’ home. He explained that the grenade used to belong to his father, who served in the Pacific as a captain in the US Navy during WWII.

Since his father used the grenade as a paperweight after the war, Cox didn’t think twice about bringing it on to a plane. He says he intended to give the heirloom to his son as a gift, and claimed he did not have any malicious intentions.

Via The Stanford Daily.

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Samantha Reinis

Samantha Reinis

South Carolina Campus Correspondent

As a Campus Correspondent,  Sam covers liberal bias and abuse at South Carolina's colleges and universities. She is currently a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Philosophy at Clemson University. Samantha is currently the Editor in Chief of Clemson University’s conservative publication, The Tiger Town Observer.

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