VIDEO: Socialist group verbally assaults, tries to eject conservative blogger for legally filming meeting at PSU

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  • Dan Sandini, a conservative blogger, tried to film an open meeting held by left-wing students.
  • The students tried to eject Sandini and called campus security.
  • When the campus police officer refused to remove Sandini, the students attempted to block his camera before shutting down the meeting.
  • When a conservative blogger tried to legally film a socialist group’s public meeting at Portland State University (PSU), the members repeatedly tried to eject him and called him names such as “fucking piece of shit.”

    “We don’t allow known right-wing bloggers to tape our events,” states one woman at the meeting, which was sponsored by the International Socialist Organization.

    The public meeting, called “The Edifice Complex – A critique of how Capitalism Affects the Built Environment” took place at PSU on June 12, and was advertised on campus.

    When the group called campus police to eject the blogger, a man by the name of Dan Sandini, the responding officer said filming the meeting was completely legal.

    “It’s an open meeting,” Sergeant Robert McCleary explained.

    Watch: Portland State socialists try to kick conservative blogger out of their open meeting.


    The group members continued to try and get Sandini to leave — calling him a “fucking piece of shit” and “violent bigot,” and tried forcibly blocking his camera using their hands and bodies.

    After one group member, who Sandini identifies as “Christopher ‘Zimmerly’ Beck,” tried to put his hands over the camera lens, McCleary can be heard announcing that the meeting was over.

    “Now this event isn’t open anymore, because we’re going to close this room, we’re going to lock it,” he said.

    As the group marched out of the room, they chanted “Harassment isn’t free speech.”

    During the procession out of the room, someone called Sandini a “scummy piece of fucking shit,” and Beck made obscene gestures at Sandini.

    Among the group members heard telling McCleary to eject Sandini was Grant Booth, a PSU professor who taught a Marxism class at the university.

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