UK woman spends government-funded $17K student loan on plastic surgery

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  • Katerina Christodoulou didn't need money for school because her parents supported her, so she spent her £10,000 loan on liposuction.
  • Her boyfriend paid for her breast augmentation and she is saving for cosmetic surgery on her nose.
  • A U.K. woman spent her entire government-funded £10,000 (about $17,000) student loan on plastic surgery.

    Essex University graduate Katerina Christodoulou didn’t need the money for school because her parents supported her—so she decided to spend it on a new body instead, according to an article published in Daily Mail.

    “I know that some people might be quite surprised to hear that I spent my student loan on my body, but it was worth it for how I feel now,” she said.

    “I could have spent my loan on my studies but I was lucky enough to have a supportive family who helped pay for my books and social life,” she continued.

    Christodoulou spent the money on liposuction. Her boyfriend also paid for her to get breast augmentation, and she said she is saving up for cosmetic surgery on her nose.

    She said she had originally planned to become a lawyer but has decided to become a model instead.

    The government will require Christodoulou to start repaying the loan once she earns more than $16,910. If she can’t repay it within 25 years after that, it gets written off — at the taxpayers’ expense.

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