19-year-old college student accidentally becomes Republican politician

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  • Asad Asif wrote himself in as a candidate for the Middlesex County Committee as a joke.
  • Asif said he does not affiliate with any particular political party and does not wholly believe in the position he accepted.
  • A 19-year-old college student who wrote his name in as a candidate for a Republican councilman as a joke wound up winning after no one else voted in the category.

    “It was kind of like the ‘Mickey Mouse vote,’ where people write in stupid names when they vote for president,” Asad Asif told New Brunswick Today, a local news source.

    “It was kind of like the ‘Mickey Mouse vote.’   

    The Rutgers University Student was sworn in earlier this month as a member of the Middlesex County Republican Committee.

    He is now a voting member of both the Middlesex County Republican Organization (MCRO) and Old Bridge Republican Committee.

    The Middlesex County Committee has more than a thousand seats, and only about half of the Republican seats are filled.

    New Brunswick Republican Organization President Joy Sheehan said Asif is not the only member to win a seat by writing himself in.

    Despite being sworn in, Asif said he does not affiliate with any particular political party, and does not wholly believe in the position he accepted.

    “I don’t know anyone who votes Republican,” he said.

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