Journalism and race professor outraged that three white men anchor cable news

Lauren Clark
Campus Correspondent

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After hearing the announcement that David Muir would be replacing Diane Sawyer as the ABC News anchor, a journalism professor took to the Internet to express her disappointment in the fact three white men would now be anchoring cable news.

“The evening news anchors are the face of the network,” said Karen Turner to journalism blog TVNewser. “In this growing multicultural nation, it’s unconscionable that as of September three white men will lead their respective networks.”

"[T]he subliminal message this sends is these — white males — are the legitimate faces that should represent America."   

Turner, who is an associate professor at Temple University, teaches an online class on “Race and Racism in the News”. She is a former journalist for local radio stations in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and New Jersey, and served as the first press secretary for Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell (D).

While Turner conceded that the three are qualified for their anchoring jobs, she contends their positions send a negative message to the nation.

“Certainly Pelley, Williams and now Muir are accomplished journalists,” said Turner. “However, the subliminal message this sends is these — white males — are the legitimate faces that should represent America.”

Turner did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

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Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark

Campus Correspondent

As a Campus Correspondent, Lauren exposes liberal bias and abuses at Arizona’s colleges and universities for Campus Reform. Lauren is a sophomore studying journalism at Arizona State University and is working towards a joint-four year bachelor and masters degree with a minor in political science, and an emphasis on business reporting.

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