Update: University of California says it isn't banning Uber, other peer-to-peer services

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The University of California (UC) system has released a statement clarifying that when it told university employees that they should not be using peer-to-peer services such Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, it meant it as a suggestion and not a ban.

Thursday’s email reaffirmed that the system considers these services dangerous enough to be insurance liabilities, according to an article published in The Daily Californian, UC - Berkeley's official student newspaper.

"We are, however, reviewing and evaluating issues revolving around the safety and security of our employees when they use such services," according to a statement from the Office of the President published in an article in Inside Higher Ed.

University officials maintain that the services are not closely regulated enough to be safe.

"We are actively seeking ways to overcome potential liability and safety concerns and would like to work proactively with companies such as these to get everyone to a point of complete comfort with the risks involved," the email stated.

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