Students in at least one Rutgers University residence hall are being encouraged to use only language that is “helpful” and “necessary” to avoid committing microaggressions.

Amber Athey Today at 4:55 PM EDT

University of Maryland students interviewed by Campus Reform expressed support for Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem, calling his protest "heroic."

Cabot Phillips Today at 8:36 AM EDT

The University of Cincinnati welcomed its faculty back to campus with a set of “recommendations” on how to write tolerant syllabi and behave “inclusively” in the classroom.

Anthony Gockowski Today at 12:24 PM EDT
Image: Twitter

A group of Yale University students have been conducting weekly protests and disrupting move-in efforts, hoping to convince the administration to change the name of Calhoun College.

Christian Montoya Today at 10:57 AM EDT

Mississippi State University recently joined six other universities in the Magnolia State by removing the state flag, which contains the controversial Confederate battle emblem.

Morgan Walker Aug 30, 2016

In an effort to become more inclusive for gender nonconforming students, Champlain College handed out hundreds of pronoun pins to students and faculty during first-year orientation.

Amber Athey Aug 30, 2016

Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas is offering credit to students for completing internships with Planned Parenthood.

Kassy Dillon Aug 30, 2016

The University of North Dakota (UND) is offering students the chance to live in a specialized housing community dedicated entirely to social justice.

Amber Athey Aug 30, 2016

A leading LGBTQ non-profit has released a “shame list” of more than 100 schools whose religious affiliations apparently make them “the absolute worst campuses for LGBTQ youth.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 29, 2016

An Ivy League professor is reacting angrily to the University of Chicago’s recent letter to incoming freshman, arguing that college students desperately need trigger warnings and safe spaces.

Amber Athey Aug 29, 2016

The University of Pittsburgh has expanded its employee healthcare coverage to provide transgender-related healthcare services, including gender reassignment surgery and hormone medications.

Marlo Safi Aug 29, 2016

Clemson University administrator Shawn Jones demanded that a local man who was praying with students leave campus last Thursday because he was not in a designated “free speech zone.”

Caleb Ecarma Aug 29, 2016

Once one starts basing one’s intellectual positions on emotion, it can become difficult to know when to stop (the answer, of course, is “before one starts”).

Campus Reform Staff Aug 28, 2016

The University of California, Santa Barbara’s White Student Union has decided to satirically weigh in on the debate over Harambe the gorilla by publicly abusing themselves.

Will Nardi Aug 27, 2016

Two college presidents published an op-ed glorifying campus protests just one day after the University of Chicago cautioned incoming freshmen not to expect safe spaces or trigger warnings.

Amber Athey Aug 26, 2016
Students are demanding that 'unisex' signs be replaced with more-'inclusive' toilet symbols.

As universities scramble to accommodate transgender students, some are struggling to please student activists who are complaining that updated bathroom signs are still not inclusive enough.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016

Stanford University has taken down a webpage titled Female Bodies and Alcohol after students complained that “protects campus rapists” by taking “victim-blaming to a whole new level.”

Christian Montoya Aug 26, 2016

As predicted, last year’s racial uprising has cost the University of Missouri close to a quarter of its freshmen class, leaving the school worse off than it had initially anticipated.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016

California Polytechnic University is expanding its “gender-inclusive” housing program this year in response to a student group’s complaints about classmates exercising free speech.

Alissa Lopez Aug 26, 2016

Nearly 50 years after the implementation of Title IX and affirmative action policies, university faculty demographics are more diverse, but perhaps in an undesirable way.

Emily Larsen Aug 26, 2016
Images: Facebook

Graduate students at several universities are rushing to take advantage of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling granting them the right to unionize.

Autumn Price Aug 26, 2016

After initially defending an RA training titled “#StopWhitePeople2K16,” Binghamton University’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Brian Rose, sought to “provide additional perspective” in a letter to students.

Howard Hecht Aug 26, 2016

The University of Kansas is encouraging its students to get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement by providing a pool of student resources on the topic in its campus library.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016

Student journalists at Ithaca College want their professors to incorporate diversity and inclusion into class discussions “in every area of academia.”

Peter Van Voorhis Aug 25, 2016

A University of Texas, Austin professor contributed a mock version of the Lord’s Prayer during Wednesday’s campus carry protest, calling the NRA “heartless” and saying “Jesus is not conservative enough for Texas.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 25, 2016

A University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill professor claims that the lack of Republicans among UNC faculty is due to their “anti-science” positions on evolution and climate change.

Amber Athey Aug 25, 2016
Comparison of the old (left) and new (right) gender-neutral signage. Image: Facebook.

Social justice advocates at the University of North Carolina are outraged over new gender-neutral bathroom signs, saying they prefer the signs put up by students years ago.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 25, 2016

An event entitled “#StopWhitePeople2K16” was an official part of Binghamton University Residential Assistant training on August 12.

Howard Hecht Aug 25, 2016

"It made me feel unsettled and unsure about the longevity and security of in my position and my job."

William Rierson Aug 25, 2016

The Boston University School of Public Health (SPH) is offering four “Bias Training” classes this year for faculty and staff as part of an 11-point plan for promoting diversity and inclusion.

Shannon Golden Aug 25, 2016
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