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College pays students for getting a 'C' in math

A Florida community college is trying to inspire students to finish their degree by doling out up to $1,800 in cash to students who make a C or higher in three semesters of math courses.

Lauren Cooley Nov 13, 2014 at
9:39 AM EDT

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Harvard photographs thousands of students for study without permission

Just because technology can be used to answer a question, doesn’t mean that it should be.”

Yvonne Dean-Bailey Nov 08, 2014 at
11:51 AM EDT

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VIDEO: Students explain Republican takeover of the Senate

The 2014 midterm elections went better for Republicans than they had dared hope, as the GOP captured seven Senate seats to gain a 52-43 majority over the Democrats.

Maggie Lit Nov 07, 2014 at
4:49 PM EDT

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Pro-Palestinian student group planned to disrupt Jewish events

These campaigns have resulted in dozens of Jewish and pro-Israel students’ events being disrupted and Jewish and pro-Israel students feeling harassed, intimidated, and stripped of their constitutionally-protected freedom of expression and association."

Maggie Lit Nov 07, 2014 at
1:14 PM EDT

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Catholic University criticized for not providing free contraceptives to students

A student group that has been anonymously dropping condoms around a Catholic university campus, has come forward with a petition demanding the university allow for free contraception and condom distributions around campus.

Maggie Lit Nov 06, 2014 at
1:45 PM EDT

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Samantha Reinis Oct 31, 2014 at
9:30 AM EDT

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Ivy league university offers course in ‘Wasting Time on the Internet’

"We spend our lives in front of screens, mostly wasting time: checking social media, watching cat videos, chatting, and shopping," the UPenn course description reads. "What if these activities—clicking, SMSing, status-updating, and random surfing—were used as raw material for creating compelling and emotional works of literature?"

Caleb Bonham Oct 29, 2014 at
8:06 AM EDT

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Professor screens anti-Koch Brothers film, says success is about race

A University of St. Thomas (UST) professor told students they have a social responsibility to help people if they have more money or knowledge, and they should feel guilty if they do not.

Allison Maass Oct 28, 2014 at
1:36 PM EDT

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Universities respond to Ebola with travel restrictions, quarantines

Universities throughout the U.S. are erring on the side of caution when it comes to Ebola-outbreak prevention efforts.

Maggie Lit Oct 22, 2014 at
9:41 AM EDT

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Public university offers 'breakup training'

A SUNY school is teaching students how to properly end a relationship as part of an initiative begun this year in response an increase in Title IX reports dealings with post-breakup harassment.

Maggie Lit Oct 20, 2014 at
9:28 AM EDT

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South Carolina holds Garden of Eden-themed drag show

The University of South Carolina (USC) recently held its annual “Ms. Gaymecock Pageant” where students competed for the title of best amateur drag queen and a guaranteed spot in USC’s biggest drag show, The Birdcage.

Lauren Cooley Oct 17, 2014 at
3:39 PM EDT

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LGBT activists attack county's partnership with Christian school

LGBTQ activists are demanding that a county in California cut ties with a Christian university over its views on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Maggie Lit Oct 17, 2014 at
11:42 AM EDT

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University to spend $400K to move tree less than 100 yards

Environmental Design, a company based in Texas that specializes in the transportation and replanting of large trees, is tasked with removing the legacy oak. UM spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said consultants estimate that the tree has a 70 to 80 percent chance of surviving the transplant.

Maggie Lit Oct 15, 2014 at
10:24 AM EDT

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UGA students think ladies’ nights are sexist too

University of Georgia students and faculty are adding fuel to the fire against ladies’ nights at bars, claiming they are “sexist” after hearing about protests organized at UNC-Chapel Hill by two DJ’s.

Allison Kudlick Oct 03, 2014 at
3:10 PM EDT

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Professor introduces brand new course on conservative political theory to public university

"We’re not as bad as some of the flagship universities, but there is not a whole lot of conservative thought being done here on campus."

Cameron Saucier Oct 01, 2014 at
3:36 PM EDT

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LSU teaches students to pull the world’s strings

"I never responded to the inquisitor as if the dog were imaginary because, well, what fun would that be?"

Maggie Lit Sep 25, 2014 at
1:09 PM EDT

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Students protest 'sexist' intramural soccer rule that doubles points when women score

A state university intramural soccer program is awarding two points if a female scores a goal and just one point if a male scores.

Maggie Lit Sep 24, 2014 at
11:57 AM EDT

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Stanford professor discusses 'biological equality,' dismantling of sex as primary method of reproduction

A Stanford University law professor spouted his vision of a society in which “biological equality”—the ability for gays and lesbians to have children composed of their genetic material—can be met by dismantling sex as the primary method of reproduction.

Maggie Lit Sep 23, 2014 at
2:50 PM EDT

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Ohio Christian school continues fight over Obamacare regulations

"Franciscan University’s mission is and always has been to teach from the heart of the Church. The Obama administration’s mandate is a grave threat to our ability to carry out that mission."

Lauren Ramseyer Sep 20, 2014 at
8:58 AM EDT

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Court: Public has no right to know what is being taught in public universities

“I think that the arguments that we were putting forward are arguments that are in the best interest of public transparency, and anyone who believes that government has an obligation to be transparent would identify with our line of reasoning."

Lauren Cooley Sep 19, 2014 at
11:21 AM EDT

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Campus Reform's Caleb Bonham discusses crazy college classes

Think college is a worthy investment? Well, it depends on the courses students are signing up for.

Sterling Beard Sep 18, 2014 at
10:48 AM EDT

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Berkeley display features parade through decades of sex ed

Curious about the art of “afronomics?” How about the joys of gay or lesbian sex? The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) has you covered.

Maggie Lit Sep 17, 2014 at
1:45 PM EDT

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Boise State University revises speaker policies after student pressure

The First Amendment has won a second victory at Boise State University (BSU), after the university agreed to revise its speaker policies and those surrounding the use of campus grounds for demonstrations and displays.

Maggie Lit Sep 17, 2014 at
10:34 AM EDT

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UPenn named Playboy's top party school in the country

Playboy Magazine has named the University of Pennsylvania the top party school in the country.

Kaitlyn Shallhorn Sep 16, 2014 at
11:52 AM EDT

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VIDEO: University of Kansas students discourage applicants from enrolling because of sexual assaults

The demands include re-investigating professors, administrators, and students accused of sexual harassment and assault since 2012.

Maggie Lit Sep 12, 2014 at
10:46 AM EDT

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Required Reading: University pushing purchase of 'Democracy for the Few'

An overview of the book states that it “is a provocative interpretation of American Government” which “shows how democracy is repeatedly violated by corporate oligopolies, and how popular forces have fought back and occasionally made gains in spite of the system.”

Maggie Lit Sep 10, 2014 at
4:41 PM EDT

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VIDEO: Professor goes after science of fracking

Schneider blamed “unrelenting PR” for “it’s [sic] exaggerations of both the need...and the benefits” of fracking.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Sep 10, 2014 at
4:12 PM EDT

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Feminist group takes over skate park to 'Shred the Patriarchy'

A feminist group called “Shred the Patriarchy” is taking over a Philadelphia skate park to establish a female presence in what is traditionally a “male-dominated” area.

Maggie Lit Sep 09, 2014 at
10:21 AM EDT

Photo via Elite Daily YouTube video.
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Student eats 100 Chipotle burritos for fraternity brother with cancer

GoFundMe is still accepting donations to help Gallo raise his goal of $10,000.

Maggie Lit Sep 09, 2014 at
10:10 AM EDT

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New England athletic conference to discourage 'booing, taunting, profanity, rude language or gestures'

"[We ask that you only] participate in positive and encouraging cheers, regardless of how the game is unfolding and regardless of the behavior of the other supporters."

Maggie Lit Sep 08, 2014 at
5:29 PM EDT

Photo of Castle Court via Campus Hill Apartments.
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Syracuse University bans popular party lots after securing position as number one party school

After assuming the title of number one party school, Syracuse University (SU) is no longer allowing students to rage in a popular parking lot area known as Castle Court—and students aren’t taking it well.

Maggie Lit Sep 08, 2014 at
12:42 PM EDT

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Providence College follows students with drone on first day of class

Providence College (PC) took aerial footage of students on the first day of classes by following them around with a drone.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Sep 04, 2014 at
4:42 PM EDT

Image courtesy of Facebook
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Georgia professor integrates rapper Kendrick Lamar into classroom

Georgia professor integrates rapper Kendrick Lamar into classroom

Maggie Lit Sep 02, 2014 at
12:24 PM EDT

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Update: Professor removes ‘bless you’ ban from syllabus

Update: Professor removes ‘bless you’ ban from syllabus

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Sep 02, 2014 at
11:45 AM EDT

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University of South Alabama sued for restricting pro-life group

It's not the first time the university has tried to restrict pro-life speech, either.

Maggie Lit Aug 29, 2014 at
10:15 AM EDT

Image of Cornel West via Wikimedia Commons user MDCarchives.
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Socialist professor: Obama 'too conservative'

"We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency, a national security presidency. We ended up with a brown-faced Clinton. Another opportunist."

Maggie Lit Aug 26, 2014 at
4:34 PM EDT

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List reveals the 52 best colleges in America

As the 2014-2015 school year commences, high school seniors are preparing to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives: where they will attend college.

Maggie Lit Aug 25, 2014 at
6:11 PM EDT

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Duke professor: College leaves liberal students ill-equipped

"It’s as if we asked students to play chess, but only taught them one-move openings."

Maggie Lit Aug 18, 2014 at
4:07 PM EDT

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Purdue newspaper sues school over security footage

"Once the video is released, the public will be able to see that the February police report on the incident is flawed in many areas."

Maggie Lit Aug 14, 2014 at
10:39 AM EDT

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Univ. of Colorado seeks dismissal of tenured professor after he called alleged sex assault victim 'promiscuous'

"Now, even though professor Barnett is not accused of harassing anyone, the administration is attempting to make him the scapegoat."

Maggie Lit Aug 12, 2014 at
11:24 AM EDT

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Diversity study reveals Hollywood prefers busty Latinas over breast baring whites

Does Hollywood have a thing for Latin heat? According to a recent study by the University of Southern California, the answer is: sí.
Maggie Lit Aug 11, 2014 at 1:47 PM EDT
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Oklahoma legislators push for research on campus carry

Lawmakers in Oklahoma are pushing for allowing licensed gun owners to carry on campus, amid objections from officials at both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

Samantha Reinis Aug 07, 2014 at
5:51 PM EDT

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Study: College borrowing drops five percent

Altogether, borrowing dropped five percent from the previous two years.

Miller Thompson Aug 06, 2014 at
3:02 PM EDT

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Peeping professor charged with secretly recording students in the bathroom

A former San Francisco State University (SFSU) professor is facing 15 misdemeanor charges of unauthorized invasion of privacy after officials confiscated around a hundred graphic videos of past and current students using restroom facilities.

Maggie Lit Aug 06, 2014 at
11:34 AM EDT

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University cleared of discrimination suit from black, female professor

According to the ruling, the professor said that there had been no verbal signs of discrimination and admitted that she failed to meet the university’s expectations.

Sterling Beard Aug 04, 2014 at
11:08 AM EDT

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ADF has had record year in protecting religious freedom nationwide

The organization has already written to nearly 400 schools and has directly led to protecting more than 4.5 million students in 25 states from bad policies.

Samantha Reinis Aug 01, 2014 at
12:28 PM EDT

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Family inherits $100K in student loans after daughter's death

Five years ago Steve Mason’s 27-year-old daughter Lisa passed away unexpectedly from liver failure, leaving behind three children—ages 4, 7, and 9 at the time.

Emily Goodman Jul 30, 2014 at
11:24 AM EDT

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Conservative professor awarded new trial on discrimination suit

A University of Iowa scholar, claiming to have faced discrimination from the school’s administration because of her conservative views, was awarded a second trial in a federal appeals court last Tuesday.

Maggie Lit Jul 25, 2014 at
2:56 PM EDT

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UC - Berkeley brings in 500 goats to be ‘eco-friendly lawn mowers’

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is managed by the University of California - Berkeley, brought in 500 goats to be “eco-friendly lawn mowers” this month.

Katherine Timpf Jul 24, 2014 at
12:14 PM EDT

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17 percent of Harvard’s graduating class admits to cheating in academics

Seventeen percent of Harvard University’s graduating class admitted that they had cheated in academics during their time at the school, according to a survey conducted by the campus newspaper.

Katherine Timpf Jul 23, 2014 at
11:09 AM EDT

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