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Report: Americans aren’t getting what they pay for when it comes to higher education

A new report from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni shows that Americans aren’t getting their money’s worth when it comes to 52 leading institutions of higher education.

Sterling Beard Apr 22, 2014 at
5:10 PM EDT

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U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan’s ban on affirmative action

Seven other states have similar bans on affirmative action.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 22, 2014 at
12:10 PM EDT

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WWU President: 'We will not waste a moment's time' responding to ‘extremist media’ and ‘hate mongers’

“As was carefully explained in the blog, the word choice was intentional, intended to provoke attention to some basic demographics facts of life: for Washington, for Western.”

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 18, 2014 at
3:10 PM EDT

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Hawaii CC charging for services that don’t exist, removes Student Council members who ask questions

“We're talking about $1.2 million that's missing and unaccounted for since 2011.”

Katherine Timpf Apr 17, 2014 at
10:39 AM EDT

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Katherine Timpf Apr 16, 2014 at
10:01 AM EDT

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Louisiana College spent more than $5 million on a law school that never opened

Louisiana College (LC) has spent more than $5 million on a law school that it has not opened — and a confidential email from the founding dean reveals that there are no plans to open it in the future, either.

Katherine Timpf Apr 11, 2014 at
11:05 AM EDT

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Northwestern's starting QB calls an audible on unionization

Northwestern's starting quarterback says decision to unionize players is not the way to go.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 09, 2014 at
2:35 PM EDT

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Harvard to let the United Nations dictate how it spends college endowment money

Harvard University has committed to listening to the United Nations when deciding how to spend the college’s endowment money.

Katherine Timpf Apr 09, 2014 at
1:00 PM EDT

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Obamacare to force Northwestern U. to buy maternity coverage for its football players

Still, it's more likely they'll carry a ball than a child.

Katherine Timpf Apr 02, 2014 at
2:09 PM EDT

Photo of Matthews during the 2006 Quinnipiac commencement via Wikimedia user Terryballard.
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Buckeyes upset over Chris Matthews selection for commencement speaker

Unlike in previous years, the commencement speaker was selected without including students in the selection process.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Mar 31, 2014 at
1:23 PM EDT

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University of Iowa rejects HBO’s 'Girls' from filming on campus

The university declined to allow the series to film on campus because of the potential for disruption and "the storyline placed the university and the community in an unfavorable light."

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Mar 31, 2014 at
11:00 AM EDT

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Steven Larson Mar 28, 2014 at
2:47 PM EDT

Picture of Diddy via his Facebook page.
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NYU offering class on Puff Daddy because he has had ‘profound impact on global culture’

It is unknown if students will "wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy."

Katherine Timpf Mar 27, 2014 at
3:18 PM EDT

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Vermont to pay for all high school students to take college classes — except students at religious schools

None of the money would be going to the high schools — religious or not — but directly to the college itself.

Katherine Timpf Mar 27, 2014 at
11:33 AM EDT

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Virginia gives grants to promote safe drinking during spring break

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control wants students to help prevent their fellows from drinking too much during spring break.

Steven Larson Mar 25, 2014 at
3:44 PM EDT

Via Grand Valley Lanthorn.
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Police: Grand Valley State student faked racial bias incident

Police believe that the student faked the racist whiteboard vandalism.

Katherine Timpf Mar 25, 2014 at
2:10 PM EDT

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Idaho becomes seventh state to allow concealed carry on campuses

The Gem State became the seventh state to allow students to concealed carry on campuses.

Katherine Timpf Mar 14, 2014 at
3:39 PM EDT

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Entitlement mindset: Purdue student hacks his grades because it was easier than 'working real hard'

Even the protagonist of the classic 1986 comedy wasn't this bold when it came to altering his grades.

Steven Larson Mar 12, 2014 at
5:45 PM EDT

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Steven Larson Mar 11, 2014 at
3:43 PM EDT

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Georgia Tech professor allegedly shook down students for over $20,000

As if paying for tuition wasn't bad enough.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Mar 10, 2014 at
2:51 PM EDT

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CRNC brings CPAC upstairs to students

It may not have been held in a penthouse, but the CRNC hosted a rollicking event with several big names in the conservative movement.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Mar 09, 2014 at
1:41 PM EDT

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Chess grand master Garry Kasparov: If Obama was president in 1985, 'I would still be living in the Soviet Union.'

The chess Grandmaster had some harsh words for President Obama's handling of the Ukraine crisis.

Steve Larson Mar 05, 2014 at
4:29 PM EDT

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Human error leads to missed payday for over 16,000 University of Kentucky employees

The university set up a call center over the weekend to dispense prepaid debit cards to help employees.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Mar 03, 2014 at
6:29 PM EDT

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UPDATE: Student wins $50,000 settlement over First Amendment from public school in California

A student at Modesto Junior College (MJC) was awarded a $50,000 settlement to after school officials ordered him to stop distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution on National Constitution Day.

Steve Larson Feb 28, 2014 at
3:51 PM EDT

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Katherine Timpf Feb 28, 2014 at
12:49 PM EDT

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Trader found liable in 2008 financial crisis to teach honors level economics course at Univ. of Chicago

Apparently, six counts of securities fraud doesn’t disqualify a former Goldman Sachs trader from teaching an honors economics course.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Feb 27, 2014 at
3:28 PM EDT

Via The Columbia Spectator
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Columbia sorority accused of ‘oppression’ for wearing sombreros and mustaches

Other nationalities represented included France, Ireland.

Katherine Timpf Feb 27, 2014 at
8:56 AM EDT

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UPDATE: Bama pro-life group will have its abortion display restored

The director of the University of Alabama’s Ferguson Student has apologized to a pro-life group that had its display secretly removed.

Sterling Beard Feb 19, 2014 at
11:57 AM EDT

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Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf talks biased textbooks on Fox & Friends

Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf joined Fox and Friends to discuss a biased textbook from the University of South Carolina.

Sterling Beard Feb 18, 2014 at
2:20 PM EDT

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Oops: MIT accidentally told applicants they got accepted to the school

If you got an email from MIT last week with text telling you that you had been admitted, you may want to curb your enthusiasm.

Steven Larson Feb 14, 2014 at
2:40 PM EDT

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University uses race-based 'facial-morphing' to combat racism and discrimination on campus

University of Ohio-Akron is bringing a “race-morphing” video game to campus which allows students to see what their faces would look like as a member of another race.

Katherine Timpf Feb 12, 2014 at
12:01 PM EDT

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Tufts offers popular Constitution class only three times since 2006 to maintain ‘balanced’ department,

Want to learn about Constitutional law at Tufts? Better hope it's taught more often.

Katherine Timpf Feb 12, 2014 at
10:10 AM EDT

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State rep wants consultant to review ‘unsustainable’ spending at public colleges

A budget leader in this state wants a consultant to review the way colleges spend tax and tuition dollars.

Steve Larson Feb 07, 2014 at
6:00 PM EDT

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Rhode Island school failed to alert students of violent threat until hours after it was received

A former law school student at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. is in police custody, after he sent a violent 33-page email Tuesday morning to half-a-dozen faculty. The school didn't notify students of the threat for several hours.

Steve Larson Feb 06, 2014 at
3:46 PM EDT

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Ivy League university revives Navy ROTC program

The program has been gone from the campus since the Vietnam War.

Sterling Beard Feb 06, 2014 at
1:27 PM EDT

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Following Obama's lead, school increases minimum wage

One religiously affiliated school in Louisiana is following President Obama's lead on wages.

Sterling Beard Jan 31, 2014 at
11:49 AM EDT

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After state funding lags, public university contemplates hiking student fees

This school is looking to get more money from its students because of a lack of funding from the state.

Steven Larson Jan 29, 2014 at
2:20 PM EDT

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WATCH: Weather Channel veteran introduces his knee to a photobombing college student's groin

Weatherman becomes legend after showing obnoxious college student who is boss.

Caleb Bonham Jan 29, 2014 at
10:11 AM EDT

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Public University offers year of in-state tuition in social media engagement contest

You can become the "Ultimate Bengal" just by engaging with this university on social media.

Steve Larson Jan 28, 2014 at
11:43 AM EDT

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Professor labels American Studies Association boycott of Israeli academia ‘anti-semitic’

The ASA's boycott of Israeli academia is nothing new according to one history professor.

Steve Larson Jan 24, 2014 at
1:18 PM EDT

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Professor: Traditional history teaching replaced by identity classes

Professor K.C. Johnson had a unique message during his talk for the "Uncomfortable Learning at Williams" speaker series.

Steven Larson Jan 23, 2014 at
2:32 PM EDT

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Public university to refund students that were billed for nonexistent services

University of Hawai'i  West Oahu charged students a lot of money for using services that don't exist yet.

Steven Larson Jan 22, 2014 at
3:33 PM EDT

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Professor claims his university tried to keep him from exposing fraudulent research

A professor at N.C. State is claiming that the university tried to prevent him from exposing his colleagues’ false research project.

Steven Larson Jan 22, 2014 at
11:03 AM EDT

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Professor wants people with 'Jewish-sounding' names to fax senators over Iran sanctions

Got a "Jewish-sounding" surname? Then Mark Kleiman has a form letter for you to fax to your senator.

Steve Larson Jan 20, 2014 at
10:55 AM EDT

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Duke approves gender-neutral housing for freshmen to accommodate LGBTQAI students

Duke University is building gender neutral housing for the freshman class of 2018, in order to accommodate the university’s LGBTQ students.

Steven Larson Jan 16, 2014 at
2:09 PM EDT

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Obamas to host event encouraging mothers pressure their kids to enroll in Obamacare

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have planned an event intended to convince mothers to push their adult children to enroll in Obamacare.

Katherine Timpf Dec 18, 2013 at
9:45 AM EDT

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Sarah Palin alleges ‘there is definitely War on Christmas’ during speech at Liberty University

Sarah Palin claimed “there is definitely a War on Christmas” while promoting her new book at Liberty University’s (LU) final fall convocation this past Wednesday.

Roanoke reports that Palin also stated that “revisionists” want to secularize Christmas by creating a “winter solstice season.”

Palin added that her faith is “the most important thing to me” and that it “has certainly influenced all the decisions I have made.”

Palin was at LU promoting her new book “Good Tidings and Greater Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas” and was joined on stage by LU chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. and school spokesman Johnnie Moore.

Palin was popularly received by LU students, who were excused from being late to classes if they were waiting afterward to get an autographed copy of her book.

Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @TimPDion

Timothy Dionisopoulos Dec 05, 2013 at
2:41 PM EDT

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