Colorado gun control supporters attempt to ban campus carry through ballot initiative

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  • Colorado Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that students could carry on campuses
  • Initiative needs 86,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot
  • A gun control advocacy organization received permission yesterday from the state of Colorado to collect signatures for a 2014 ballot initiative to ban concealed carry on the campuses of public universities.

    The Huffington Post reports that Safe Campus Colorado, the group behind the initiative, will have to collect 86,000 signatures in six months in order to place the initiative on the ballot.

    If approved by voters, the measure would overturn a 2010 Colorado Supreme Court ruling which allowed campus carry.

    According to the Huffington Post, Ken Toltz, the founder of Safe Campus Colorado, said in a statement campus carry creates a threatening campus environment.

    “This initiative gives Coloradans an opportunity to have their voices heard on keeping concealed handguns off our great colleges and universities. All schools should be safe places to learn and work, free of the threat posed by concealed guns,” he added.

    CBS Denver reports that Dave Kopel, an attorney with the conservative Independence Institute, who argued in favor of overturning the ban, stood by the campus carry policy.

    “It’s important for public safety that people are able to defend themselves on a college campus same as anywhere else,” Kopel said.

    Gun control has been a contentious issue recently in Colorado. Two Democratic state senators lost recall elections last year over their advocacy for gun control legislation. A third resigned days before activists were to turn in signatures to begin a recall election.

    Democratic legislators also failed to bring a bill to a vote in the Senate last spring which would have banned concealed weapons on college campuses.

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