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Image via Twitter: @ChiStudentsAct

Free-tuition activists stoked over arrests for blocking Michigan Ave

Six student activists were arrested Monday for blocking traffic on Chicago's Michigan Ave to demand free college tuition.

Amber Athey Oct 25, 2016 at
3:25 PM EDT
Image via YouTube: Diego Reyes

Berkeley students barricade bridge, force whites to cross creek

UC-Berkeley students held a violent protest on campus Friday to demand additional segregated “spaces of color” for non-white students.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 25, 2016 at
2:49 PM EDT

Hofstra students hold safe space to discuss new safe spaces

During a safe space at Hofstra University recently, participants vigorously debated their shared desire for gender-neutral housing.

Tyler Arnold Oct 25, 2016 at
2:03 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: Chico State Athletics

Don't say 'man up,' 'like a girl,' Chico State athletes say

Student athletes at California State University-Chico are sponsoring a poster campaign to eradicate terms like “man up” and “like a girl.”

Toni Airaksinen Oct 25, 2016 at
10:16 AM EDT

Textbook claims American exceptionalism has 'racist overtones'

A required sociology textbook at IPFW blames poverty on capitalism and claims that American exceptionalism has “racist overtones.”

Amber Athey Oct 25, 2016 at
7:44 AM EDT

NYU prof attacks ‘viral identity politics of academia’

An NYU professor is exposing SJW "insanity" by trolling liberals with a satirical "anti-PC" Twitter account.

Anthony Gockowski and Amber Athey Oct 24, 2016 at
4:29 PM EDT

'Perils' of 'inadvertently' seeing Milo too great, NYU says

NYU has cancelled a Milo Yiannopoulos speech, citing the "perils" that students may "inadvertently" encounter Milo or his fans.

Tyler Arnold Oct 24, 2016 at
2:11 PM EDT

Sorority claims 'whites wanting to be black' is 'white privilege'

A sorority at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) recently hosted a seminar to highlight what it sees as an epidemic of “white privilege” on campus.

Justin Caruso Oct 24, 2016 at
10:48 AM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: It's been a 'demanding' week

If it’s “oppression” to tell people that killing is a sin, Moses could be in for a major reputational overhaul.

Campus Reform Staff Oct 24, 2016 at
9:22 AM EDT

Smith College hires firm to operate 24/7 'bias response' hotline

Smith College has contracted with an outside firm to offer an anonymous 24/7 bias hotline and online portal that can be used to report instances of bias.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 24, 2016 at
8:35 AM EDT

Students plan rude welcome for 'white,' 'cisgender' Stanford prez

Leaked emails reveal that student activists plan to sabotage the inauguration of Stanford’s president-elect because he is a white, cisgender male.

James Rabe Oct 21, 2016 at
1:37 PM EDT

Student paper self-censors articles with 'content warnings'

Swarthmore College’s independent student publication now places trigger warnings at the top of articles that could be considered offensive.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 21, 2016 at
12:16 PM EDT

AU revamps Vagina Monologues to avoid 'gender binary'

American University is revamping its annual Vagina Monologues performance to avoid implying “that in order to be a woman you must have a vagina.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 21, 2016 at
11:03 AM EDT

Academics demand president who embraces diversity, globalism

Numerous prominent academics have signed a statement calling on the next U.S. President to enact policies that make the country more “globally engaged.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 21, 2016 at
10:01 AM EDT

UCI student gov demands scholarships for Syrian refugees

The UC-Irvine Student Senate has unanimously passed a resolution recommending that the university give preference to displaced Syrian students.

Autumn Price Oct 21, 2016 at
8:54 AM EDT

Emory looking to establish regular POC-only social events

Emory University is looking to establish a regular social hour for students and staff, but only those who are "of color.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 20, 2016 at
4:20 PM EDT

Social justice artists demand 'a Muslim refugee for president'

A social justice-oriented art summit in DC recently concluded with calls for a president who is a Muslim refugee or had an illegal abortion at 14.

Jackson Richman Oct 20, 2016 at
2:15 PM EDT

TCU students demand $100M for minorities, ban on 'hateful speech'

A TCU student group is demanding a "zero-tolerance policy" for hate speech and a $100 million “endowment to further support minority students.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 20, 2016 at
12:09 PM EDT

Sorority warns against 'insensitive' pop culture costumes

The Chi Omega sorority's national headquarters is instructing members to avoid Halloween costumes based on song lyrics or pop culture.

Amber Athey Oct 20, 2016 at
10:59 AM EDT

College hosts, pays for three-day ‘social justice summit’

"In the spirit of community, the Social Justice Summit will set the foundation for individuals to explore diversity..."

Anthony Gockowski Oct 20, 2016 at
10:06 AM EDT

'Unborn Lives Matter' flyer censored by DePaul

The DePaul College Republicans chapter has been censored yet again, this time over promotional flyers proclaiming that “Unborn Lives Matter.”

Amber Athey Oct 20, 2016 at
9:52 AM EDT
Image via YouTube (CFACT)

Radical hugger attacks free-market environmental group at Temple

A conservative environmental group trying to recruit at Temple University was attacked by an anti-fracking fanatic who stole and vandalized its sign.

Tyler Arnold Oct 19, 2016 at
4:24 PM EDT

DU ultimatum demands elimination of conservative student groups

The University of Denver no longer allows “hate speech” on its free speech wall, but some students also want to ban non-'inclusive' student groups.

Tyler Arnold Oct 19, 2016 at
3:39 PM EDT

UC Irvine sponsoring BLM writing contest

The University of California, Irvine is sponsoring a “Black Lives Matter Writing Contest” for undergraduate students.

Peter Van Voorhis Oct 19, 2016 at
12:23 PM EDT

Student sues ISU over anti-speech harassment training

A student is suing Iowa State University for threatening to withhold his diploma if he did not complete an anti-speech harassment training program.

Autumn Price Oct 19, 2016 at
8:47 AM EDT

BLM flag flutters over quad at ISU

Illinois State celebrated BLM by flying its official flag on campus Monday.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 18, 2016 at
1:23 PM EDT

#LiberalPrivilege goes viral

Conservative college students across the country are using #LiberalPrivilege to call out the bias directed against conservatives on college campuses.

Amber Athey Oct 18, 2016 at
11:14 AM EDT

Pranksters clog UF hotline to protest costume guidelines

A hotline for students to report offensive Halloween costumes has been inundated with prank calls after a radio host called to report a Harambe costume.

Amber Athey Oct 18, 2016 at
9:58 AM EDT

UMass creates cultural appropriation 'threat meter' for Halloween

Displays have appeared in residence halls at UMass Amherst featuring a detailed “racism evaluation and assessment meter" for Halloween costumes.

Tyler Palermo Oct 18, 2016 at
9:16 AM EDT

'Latinx' students demand larger safe space at UNC

Hispanic students, faculty, and staff are demanding that UNC expand the amount of space set aside for them on campus.

Will Rierson Oct 17, 2016 at
4:19 PM EDT

NC State admin calls microaggressions 'death by a thousand paper cuts'

A Halloween microaggressions workshop at NC State will teach responses to slights like seeing a Confederate flag or encountering mean social media posts.

Tyler Arnold Oct 17, 2016 at
2:39 PM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: cops can't catch a break

The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t.

Campus Reform Staff Oct 17, 2016 at
1:46 PM EDT

FSU display: Harambe costumes are cultural appropriation

A Florida State University residence hall is reminding students to avoid wearing Harambe costumes this Halloween in order to avoid “cultural appropriation.”

Amber Athey Oct 17, 2016 at
1:29 PM EDT

Marquette feminists condemn Church's 'oppressive' pro-life stance

Marquette’s feminism club has now publicly condemned Thursday’s pro-life display at the Catholic institution as “damaging to the mental health of students” and an act of “public shaming.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 17, 2016 at
12:22 PM EDT

WSU student senator wants CRs suspended over 'Trump Wall'

A Washington State University student senator wants the school’s College Republicans chapter to be suspended for building a “Trump Wall” on campus.

Autumn Price Oct 17, 2016 at
10:57 AM EDT

Miami TV retracts promo video mocking Trump supporter

The University of Miami has apologized for a promo video used used in a TV news segment that mocked a student for supporting Donald Trump.

Lauren Cooley Oct 17, 2016 at
9:35 AM EDT

VIDEO: Hillary voters struggle to name a single accomplishment

This week, Fox News released a poll indicating the majority of Americans view Hillary Clinton as a positive role model.

Cabot Phillips Oct 16, 2016 at
8:10 AM EDT

Marquette Dems celebrate defacement of pro-life memorial

A memorial honoring the millions of unborn babies lost to abortion was defaced on Marquette’s campus, prompting the College Democrats to publicly celebrate the act of vandalism.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 15, 2016 at
5:39 PM EDT

Campus police won't enforce immigration law, CSUSM tells illegals

CSUSM is reassuring illegal immigrant students that campus police are not allowed to enforce immigration law when Border Patrol agents arrive for a career fair.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 14, 2016 at
5:17 PM EDT

HRC condemns Hopkins study as 'attack on LGBT communities'

Johns Hopkins University came under fire from the Human Rights Campaign over a study finding no evidence that sexual orientation is biological.

Tyler Arnold Oct 14, 2016 at
3:04 PM EDT

Liberty students less divided over Trump than MSM claims

A Liberty University student fights back against the MSM portrayal that the Christian campus is turning against Donald Trump.

Autumn Price Oct 14, 2016 at
1:49 PM EDT

Trump appeals to millennials, vows to defend free speech on campus

Donald Trump received a standing ovation from millennials Thursday in Columbus, Ohio when he promised to protect the free speech on college campuses.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 14, 2016 at
1:21 PM EDT

Safe spaces a 'recipe for fanaticism,' Hoff Sommers claims

Suppression of free speech, whether it’s designated free speech zones, safe spaces censoring speech, or students disrupting events, has become commonplace on college campuses.

Tyler Arnold Oct 14, 2016 at
12:06 PM EDT

Yale apologizes for 'dehumanizing' cartoons of Dartmouth mascot

Yale University is apologizing for a “dehumanizing” and “racially insensitive” program booklet used to commemorate its 100th annual football game against Dartmouth College.

Amber Athey Oct 14, 2016 at
11:02 AM EDT

CSULA leftists replace YAF flyers with pro-abortion literature

Liberal activists tore down flyers for a pro-life event at CSULA Thursday, replacing them with posters encouraging women to get abortions.

Peter Van Voorhis Oct 14, 2016 at
10:21 AM EDT

Mizzou considers quizzing profs on social justice bona fides

As part of its $1.1 million diversity audit, Mizzou is considering policy changes to ensure professors promote "diversity and inclusion" on campus.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 13, 2016 at
1:51 PM EDT

Far left organizations at Clemson scheme to disrupt Milo event

Left-leaning student groups at Clemson University are forming an “Anti-Milo Event Committee” to disrupt Yiannopoulos’ October 18 speech.

Caleb Ecarma and Zach Talley Oct 13, 2016 at
12:57 PM EDT

Student blasts gay dating app over alleged racism

"[H]ave at it you fucking bedside racist."

Tyler Arnold Oct 13, 2016 at
12:39 PM EDT

VIDEO: Millennials 'disenfranchised' by Trump/Clinton duopoly

Millennial voters have made no secret of their distaste for both major-party presidential candidates, and many want to see third-party options on the debate stage.

Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips Oct 13, 2016 at
12:18 PM EDT
Pic via Ohio University's Facebook page.

BLM protesters disrupt Ohio University homecoming game

BLM protesters interrupted Ohio University’s homecoming game Saturday, unfurling a banner over the bleachers that read “Make Racists Afraid Again.”

Toni Airaksinen Oct 13, 2016 at
11:47 AM EDT
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