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Trump-day preppers: Students gear up to protest inauguration

Colleges and Universities across America are holding events to prepare their students for President-elect Trump’s inauguration.

Kassy Dillon Today at
11:37 AM EDT
Image via Facebook

UK grad students host day-long anti-Trump teach-in

University of Kentucky grad students held a "teach-in" Wednesday to warn classmates about the “threatening” consequences of a Trump presidency.

Chris Nuelle Today at
10:42 AM EDT

MLA condemns anti-Israel boycott efforts

The MLA has not only rejected a proposed boycott of Israeli academic institutions, but also urged scholars not to endorse the BDS movement.

Jackson Richman Today at
8:41 AM EDT

College Dem exec jumps ship as Party drifts to extreme left

A leader of the College Democrats of America is leaving the Democratic Party to protest its shift toward "extremist rhetoric" and "identity politics."

Kassy Dillon Jan 18, 2017 at
4:12 PM EDT

Judge fears Yale has forgotten commitment to free expression

A federal judge with ties to Yale University is concerned that recent developments “have challenged Yale’s commitment to freedom of expression.”

Amber Athey Jan 18, 2017 at
2:25 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: Women's & Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin

UT students to flaunt 'ungrabbable assets' at 'twerkshop'

UT-Austin will host an Inauguration Day “twerkshop” where students will “move together like nasty women” to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 18, 2017 at
1:34 PM EDT

Conservative students ARRESTED for handing out Constitutions

Three conservative students were arrested at Kellogg Community College while handing out pocket Constitutions and recruiting for a YAL group.

Amber Athey Jan 18, 2017 at
12:46 PM EDT

Marquette students required to attend ‘social justice’ workshops

“Many professors” at Marquette University require students to complete “reflection sessions” on race and privilege as part of their coursework.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 18, 2017 at
11:55 AM EDT

GUPride hosting post-Inauguration 'self-care' event

A Georgetown University student group is inviting members to recover after a stressful Inauguration week with stuffed animals, juice boxes, and Legos.

Amber Athey Jan 18, 2017 at
8:18 AM EDT

Pro-life group sues CSU for denying funds based on content

Pro-life students are suing Colorado State University for allegedly denying funding for an event because officials objected to its pro-life theme.

Kassy Dillon Jan 17, 2017 at
4:22 PM EDT

UW holds symposium to address tripling of 'hate incidents'

The UW system is scrambling to cope with a tripling in reports of "hate incidents" like pro-Trump chalkings and pictures of the crucifix.

Kassy Dillon Jan 17, 2017 at
3:30 PM EDT

Penn State to host trans-friendly workshop on 'The Female Orgasm'

Penn State will be hosting a workshop on the female orgasm that is at least partially funded by student activity fees.

Amber Athey Jan 17, 2017 at
2:30 PM EDT

UCSC done crying over Trump, hosts 'People's Inauguration' protest

UC-Santa Cruz is hosting an anti-Trump “People’s Inauguration,” just months after administrators urged students to "cry openly" about his election.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 17, 2017 at
1:42 PM EDT

Anti-cop prof to give keynote at ECU MLK Celebration

East Carolina University will be hosting an anti-police propagandist as keynote speaker at its 2017 MLK Celebration.

Autumn Price Jan 17, 2017 at
12:43 PM EDT

Berkeley course explores ‘cognitive dysfunctions' of Trump

“I would hope that even those people that are favorable toward Trump are concerned about his presidency.”

Amber Athey Jan 17, 2017 at
10:40 AM EDT

Marquette: McAdams to remain suspended until he apologizes

Marquette University is refusing to reinstate a conservative professor until he issues an apology and admits "guilt" for a post on his personal blog.

Kassy Dillon Jan 17, 2017 at
10:13 AM EDT

VIDEO: Anti-Trump protesters disrupt Georgetown classrooms

Anti-Trump protesters disrupted multiple Georgetown classrooms last week in an effort to resist the presidency of Donald Trump.

Nicholas Elliot Jan 17, 2017 at
9:13 AM EDT

Berkeley CR members allegedly hounded for political views

Members of the UC-Berkeley College Republicans claim that merely belonging to the group makes them targets for often-violent harassment by campus leftists.

Peter Van Voorhis and Kassy Dillon Jan 16, 2017 at
3:42 PM EDT

Schools offer ‘safe spaces’ to combat ‘toxic masculinity’

Several universities are renewing their efforts to combat “toxic masculinity,” with events that will “construct new futures for masculinities.”

Anthony Gockowski Jan 16, 2017 at
12:57 PM EDT

House report: dozens of colleges trade in aborted fetal tissue

A recent report from the U.S. House of Representatives claims that dozens of colleges and universities have procured aborted fetal tissue.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 16, 2017 at
10:59 AM EDT

Georgetown nixes Dems' plan to house inauguration protesters

Georgetown University is reminding students not to house strangers on campus after the College Democrats revealed plans to host inauguration protesters.

Amber Athey Jan 16, 2017 at
9:59 AM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: Big-league liberal bigotry

The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t.

Campus Reform Staff Jan 16, 2017 at
9:25 AM EDT

BC prof blames 'white heterosexual male privilege' for Trump win

A Boston College professor says Trump’s election victory was caused by an electoral system designed to perpetuate “white heterosexual male privilege.”

Kassy Dillon Jan 16, 2017 at
8:59 AM EDT

U of Washington offers social justice workshops for librarians

UW-Bothell is offering its librarians social justice training workshops to help them “interrupt acts of oppression.”

Amber Athey Jan 13, 2017 at
4:25 PM EDT

SLU to host 11-week series on 'privilege, whiteness, and racism'

SLU is sponsoring a weekly “Witnessing Whiteness” discussion group to promote "a shared understanding of privilege, whiteness, and racism.”

Autumn Price Jan 13, 2017 at
3:33 PM EDT

Pierce students say new all-gender restrooms not good enough

Pierce College Puyallup students say new all-gender bathrooms violate Title IX because they have high water pressure and hand dryers instead of towels.

Kassy Dillon Jan 13, 2017 at
2:41 PM EDT

GVSU seminar warns that ‘fashion trends’ are ‘oppressive’

GVSU is hosting a “teach-in” for MLK Day on the ways in which “fashion trends” can “impose oppressive effects on marginalized populations.”

Anthony Gockowski Jan 13, 2017 at
1:27 PM EDT

UBuffalo to host 'Capitalism or Crapitalism?' workshop

SUNY at Buffalo is holding workshop in March titled “Capitalism or Crapitalism?” that will “explore capitalism as it relates to oppression.”

Amber Athey Jan 13, 2017 at
12:42 PM EDT

Profs pledge to 'use regular class time' to protest Trump

Universities across the country are participating in a "teach-in" movement this month dedicated to “challenging Trumpism.”

Anthony Gockowski Jan 13, 2017 at
12:08 PM EDT

Talladega marching band cashes in on Trump inauguration

Despite intense criticism of Talladega College for allowing its marching band to play at Donald Trump’s inauguration, private donations are flooding in to finance the trip.

Kassy Dillon Jan 13, 2017 at
11:05 AM EDT

Prof calls for 'moratorium on microaggression training'

An Emory College professor is calling for “abandonment of the term ‘microaggression’” and “a moratorium on microaggression training programs.”

Toni Airaksinen Jan 13, 2017 at
10:22 AM EDT

VIDEO: Students call BuzzFeed article 'sketchy,' 'unethical'

Even college students think BuzzFeed News embarrassed itself by printing scurrilous, unsubstantiated allegations against Donald Trump.

Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey Jan 13, 2017 at
8:04 AM EDT

UW lists 'you guys,' 'ugly' among 'offensive' terms to avoid

UW-River Falls is urging students to “check yourself” before using "offensive" terms such as "fat-ass," “illegal alien,” “ugly,” or even “you guys.”

Anthony Gockowski Jan 12, 2017 at
4:38 PM EDT

AFT to sponsor second round of 'sanctuary campus' protests

College students across the country plan to protest for sanctuary campuses once again on January 19.

Kassy Dillon Jan 12, 2017 at
3:35 PM EDT

OCC may punish student for recording prof's anti-Trump rant

Orange Coast College is still mulling whether to punish a student for recording a professor calling Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

Peter Van Voorhis Jan 12, 2017 at
1:33 PM EDT

SIU prez rejects student demands for 'sanctuary' campuses

The president of the SIU system has rejected calls for "sanctuary" campuses, citing the many legal roadblocks and risks such a designation would entail.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 12, 2017 at
11:44 AM EDT

Universities to host anti-Trump inaugural alternatives

Several universities will be hosting “alternative” Inauguration Day events for students more interested in lamenting Trump's election than celebrating it.

Autumn Price Jan 12, 2017 at
10:55 AM EDT

AAUW: 'Straight white men' host too many awards shows

A national feminist student organization has started a campaign to complain about the “straight white men” hosting this year’s awards shows.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 12, 2017 at
9:44 AM EDT

Dems attack Trump's Ed Sec pick for donating to civil rights group

Democrats are calling Betsy DeVos a threat to sexual assault victims because she made donations to FIRE, a non-partisan civil liberties group.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 11, 2017 at
3:57 PM EDT

Georgetown Dems ask members to host strangers for Women’s March

Georgetown College Democrats members are being urged to host strangers in their homes for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington protesting Donald Trump.

Amber Athey Jan 11, 2017 at
2:24 PM EDT

Berkeley defies demands to cancel Milo event from 100+ profs

More than 100 professors are demanding that UC-Berkeley cancel a Milo Yiannopoulos event, just in case there is any discrimination.

Kassy Dillon Jan 11, 2017 at
1:46 PM EDT

Syracuse claims 'pink for girls and blue for boys' is 'bias'

Syracuse University is warning students against potential "bias incidents" like “displaying a sign that is color-coded pink for girls and blue for boys.”

Anthony Gockowski Jan 11, 2017 at
11:48 AM EDT

Macalester stocks up on materials for anti-Trump syllabus

The Macalester College library is offering students a resource guide that portrays Donald Trump's election as the product of bigotry and "imperialism."

Amber Athey Jan 11, 2017 at
11:03 AM EDT

UO prez: free speech doesn't protect prof who wore blackface

University of Oregon President Michael Schill is asserting that the right to be “free from racial harassment” is homologous to the right of free speech.

Autumn Price Jan 11, 2017 at
9:48 AM EDT

Brown prof calls red states 'laboratories of anti-democracy'

A Brown University professor is frustrated with America’s federalist system, which he believes should only be used to advance liberal policies.

Kassy Dillon Jan 10, 2017 at
4:01 PM EDT

Prof wants whites to open up slavery 'reparation accounts'

Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson wants white people to open up “individual reparations accounts” to literally pay back African Americans for slavery.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 10, 2017 at
2:49 PM EDT

UCF hosts 'Social Justice Week' to address racism, deportation

The University of Central Florida is devoting an entire week to promoting social justice issues like “racial battle fatigue” and sheltering illegal immigrants.

Abigail Hirn Jan 10, 2017 at
2:27 PM EDT

CR president doxxed, harassed by leftists at UW

Left-wing students are accusing the UW College Republicans president of supporting white supremacists because the CR's are hosting Milo Yiannopoulos.

Amber Athey Jan 10, 2017 at
11:44 AM EDT

Academic groups sign on for anti-Trump 'Women's March'

Two national academic associations are among the official partners for a “Women’s March” to protest “the rhetoric of the past election cycle.”

Toni Airaksinen Jan 10, 2017 at
10:55 AM EDT

Profs blame Trump win on working class racism, 'spiritually depravity'

UMD is hosting a lecture series blaming a “commitment to white supremacy” and “white America’s spiritual depravity” for Trump's unexpected victory.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 09, 2017 at
3:39 PM EDT
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