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UCSB White Student Union to self-flagellate for Harambe

The University of California, Santa Barbara’s White Student Union has decided to satirically weigh in on the debate over Harambe the gorilla by publicly abusing themselves.

Will Nardi Aug 27, 2016 at
9:57 AM EDT

VIDEO: young voters see double standard in Clinton Foundation

"If Trump was doing the same thing Clinton was doing, he’d be in a lot more trouble."

Cabot Phillips Aug 24, 2016 at
9:15 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: UT prof mocks NRA, Christianity with satirical prayers

A University of Texas, Austin professor contributed a mock version of the Lord’s Prayer during Wednesday’s campus carry protest, calling the NRA “heartless” and saying “Jesus is not conservative enough for Texas.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 25, 2016 at
1:59 PM EDT

College presidents endorse safe spaces following UC letter

Two college presidents published an op-ed glorifying campus protests just one day after the University of Chicago cautioned incoming freshmen not to expect safe spaces or trigger warnings.

Amber Athey Aug 26, 2016 at
5:37 PM EDT
Students are demanding that 'unisex' signs be replaced with more-'inclusive' toilet symbols.

Schools settle on 'toilet' as most 'inclusive' bathroom sign

As universities scramble to accommodate transgender students, some are struggling to please student activists who are complaining that updated bathroom signs are still not inclusive enough.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016 at
4:19 PM EDT

Stanford deletes 'victim-blaming' primer on how alcohol affects women

Stanford University has taken down a webpage titled Female Bodies and Alcohol after students complained that “protects campus rapists” by taking “victim-blaming to a whole new level.”

Christian Montoya Aug 26, 2016 at
2:55 PM EDT

Enrollment drop from Mizzou protests worse than feared

As predicted, last year’s racial uprising has cost the University of Missouri close to a quarter of its freshmen class, leaving the school worse off than it had initially anticipated.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016 at
1:25 PM EDT

Cal Poly expands gender-inclusive housing to satisfy student activists

California Polytechnic University is expanding its “gender-inclusive” housing program this year in response to a student group’s complaints about classmates exercising free speech.

Alissa Lopez Aug 26, 2016 at
11:59 AM EDT

Study: minority faculty increasing, not getting tenure

Nearly 50 years after the implementation of Title IX and affirmative action policies, university faculty demographics are more diverse, but perhaps in an undesirable way.

Emily Larsen Aug 26, 2016 at
10:42 AM EDT
Images: Facebook

Grad students waste no time unionizing after NLRB ruling

Graduate students at several universities are rushing to take advantage of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling granting them the right to unionize.

Autumn Price Aug 26, 2016 at
10:22 AM EDT

Binghamton apologizes for '#StopWhitePeople2K16' event

After initially defending an RA training titled “#StopWhitePeople2K16,” Binghamton University’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Brian Rose, sought to “provide additional perspective” in a letter to students.

Howard Hecht Aug 26, 2016 at
8:42 AM EDT

KU library pushes BLM propaganda on students

The University of Kansas is encouraging its students to get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement by providing a pool of student resources on the topic in its campus library.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016 at
8:29 AM EDT

Ithaca students want profs to teach diversity in every class

Student journalists at Ithaca College want their professors to incorporate diversity and inclusion into class discussions “in every area of academia.”

Peter Van Voorhis Aug 25, 2016 at
2:38 PM EDT

Dems dominate academia because Republicans are 'anti-science,' UNC prof claims

A University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill professor claims that the lack of Republicans among UNC faculty is due to their “anti-science” positions on evolution and climate change.

Amber Athey Aug 25, 2016 at
12:56 PM EDT
Comparison of the old (left) and new (right) gender-neutral signage. Image: Facebook.

Gender-neutral bathroom signs threaten our 'safe space,' UNC students complain

Social justice advocates at the University of North Carolina are outraged over new gender-neutral bathroom signs, saying they prefer the signs put up by students years ago.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 25, 2016 at
11:55 AM EDT

Binghamton defends '#StopWhitePeople2K16' event for RA's

An event entitled “#StopWhitePeople2K16” was an official part of Binghamton University Residential Assistant training on August 12.

Howard Hecht Aug 25, 2016 at
11:05 AM EDT

UNC LGBTQ advisor leaves over bathroom law

"It made me feel unsettled and unsure about the longevity and security of in my position and my job."

William Rierson Aug 25, 2016 at
9:19 AM EDT

BU health school faculty 'strongly encouraged' to take bias training

The Boston University School of Public Health (SPH) is offering four “Bias Training” classes this year for faculty and staff as part of an 11-point plan for promoting diversity and inclusion.

Shannon Golden Aug 25, 2016 at
8:52 AM EDT

You won't find safe spaces here, UC dean tells freshmen

One college administrator has taken a bold stance against the demise of free speech on America’s campuses, warning newly admitted students that they will find no “safe spaces” at his school.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 24, 2016 at
5:22 PM EDT

Dildos descend upon Austin for 'Cocks not Glocks' protest against campus carry

Thousands of students descended upon the University of Texas’ campus Wednesday with sex toys strapped to their backpacks in protest of the state’s new campus carry law.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 24, 2016 at
2:48 PM EDT

UF offers in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

The University of Florida (UF) will now offer waivers enabling illegal immigrant students to receive in-state tuition.  

Alissa Lopez Aug 24, 2016 at
2:20 PM EDT

College offers courses on 'white privilege,' race/diversity in sports

Hamilton College is offering courses this year exploring concepts such as “white privilege” and the role of masculinity, power structures, and global capitalism in competitive athletics.

Autumn Price Aug 24, 2016 at
12:24 PM EDT

TX judge strikes down UT profs' challenge to campus carry

A Texas judge has struck down a lawsuit filed against the University of Texas by three of its professors who requested exemption from the state’s new campus carry law.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 24, 2016 at
10:28 AM EDT

NLRB: Graduate students at private universities can unionize

Graduate students across the country who have been demanding higher wages for on-campus jobs were handed a victory by the federal government, which is now allowing them to unionize.

Autumn Price Aug 23, 2016 at
5:46 PM EDT

Stanford takes shots at alcohol, Pres. Hennessy bans liquor

Stanford University has banned all hard liquor at undergraduate parties in an effort to reduce binge drinking on campus.

Peter Van Voorhis Aug 23, 2016 at
3:41 PM EDT

New campaign helps students demand free speech, intellectual diversity on campus

A non-partisan interest group is spearheading a campaign against the intellectual homogeneity on America’s college campuses with a new program that helps students “reduce political orthodoxy” at their schools.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 23, 2016 at
3:02 PM EDT

Calling Hillary ‘Mrs. Clinton’ is sexist, say Georgetown Dems

A recent post in the Georgetown University College Democrats' blog asserts that referring to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as "Mrs. Clinton" is sexist.

Christian Spencer Aug 23, 2016 at
2:26 PM EDT

Berkeley prof: workfare law is "a war on our nation’s children"

A University of California, Berkeley professor says work requirements for welfare amount to a “war on our nation’s children and their mothers,” and wants a return to a no-strings-attached dole.

Autumn Price Aug 23, 2016 at
9:22 AM EDT

WVU equity office calls improper pronoun use a Title IX violation

West Virginia University’s website says calling someone by the wrong gender pronoun could be a Title IX violation, but a university spokesperson asserts that the page does not represent WVU policy.

Emily Larsen Aug 22, 2016 at
6:16 PM EDT

PC culture abounds at Trump’s alma mater

Students at Donald Trump’s alma mater have already openly denounced the GOP candidate, and some are now working to cultivate a pro-diversity “brand” at odds with Trump’s rhetoric.

Dom Chiappano Aug 22, 2016 at
4:59 PM EDT

OSU course weaves 'critical animal studies' into feminism, social justice

The Ohio State University will be offering a course on “critical animal studies” this fall to explore how societal structures “facilitate and underpin animal subjection in its various levels and forms.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 22, 2016 at
2:27 PM EDT

UW budgets $4 million for system-wide diversity program

The University of Wisconsin System’s Board of Regents approved a $42 million budget proposal Thursday, a good portion of which will go to its already-failing diversity programs.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 22, 2016 at
12:25 PM EDT

Clinton's free college plan takes flak from Left

Hillary Clinton is even taking fire from the left over her tuition-free college proposal, with some liberals predicting that it would only exacerbate existing income-based disparities.

Zachary Gunn Aug 22, 2016 at
9:16 AM EDT

Ole Miss not just whistling 'Dixie,' bans song from games

The University of Mississippi marching band will no longer play the song “Dixie,” a long-standing tradition at football games that has received extensive criticism.

Christian Montoya Aug 22, 2016 at
8:32 AM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: Because otherwise we'd have to cry

The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t

Campus Reform Staff Aug 20, 2016 at
11:05 AM EDT

Utah college formally allows men on women's sports teams

“Westminster College is committed to protecting the rights of all students, and the purpose of this message to inform you of the newly-affirmed rights of transgender students under the DCL.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 19, 2016 at
3:33 PM EDT

Hollins pursues diversity through 'experimental dance,' liberal lecturers

Hollins University is marking its 175th anniversary by redoubling its commitment to social justice, implementing a wide range of initiatives and hosting lectures by well-known liberals.

Sydney Hutchison Aug 19, 2016 at
3:29 PM EDT

Iowa mothballs bias team, citing 'high failure rate' at other schools

The University of Iowa (UI) has abandoned plans to establish a bias assessment response team (BART) due to concerns about academic freedom.

Amber Athey Aug 19, 2016 at
1:22 PM EDT

Marist: Playing Duke in b-ball doesn’t mean we hate LGBT community

Marist College is defending its decision to play Duke University in place of the University of Albany, which has refused to play Duke in protest against North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law.

Elias Atienza Aug 19, 2016 at
11:18 AM EDT

Vandy upgrades social justice offerings

"Over the past decade, the composition of Vanderbilt’s student body has become more diverse in every aspect."

Autumn Price Aug 19, 2016 at
11:06 AM EDT

UCI sanctions Muslim students for laying siege to Jewish event

After months of deliberation, the University of California, Irvine has concluded its investigation into its Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter, deeming the group worthy of sanctions for intimidating Israeli students.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 18, 2016 at
9:35 PM EDT

'Privilege Board' gets prominent placement at App State

Appalachian State University students must walk past a “privilege board” denouncing their white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender privilege any time they enter the Student Union.

Sydney Hutchison Aug 18, 2016 at
5:12 PM EDT

Prof hosts workshop on ‘how racism shapes white identity’

A University of Washington lecturer recently hosted a “white fragility workshop” for Seattle residents “interested in deepening their understanding of how racism shapes white identity.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 18, 2016 at
4:02 PM EDT

Conservative students allege tyranny, intimidation by Tarleton State

A Tarleton State University professor was allegedly forbidden from advising a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter because of its political bias, even though another professor is actively advising the Tarleton Progressives.

Amber Athey and Anthony Gockowski Aug 18, 2016 at
3:22 PM EDT

Prof: affirmative action 'not necessary or desirable'

"Hispanic enrollment in colleges is nearly proportional to the Hispanic population, blacks are over-represented..."

Amber Athey Aug 17, 2016 at
3:31 PM EDT

OKWU joins suit alleging Obama admin sex assault rules violate due process

Oklahoma Wesleyan University has signed on to a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s sexual assault guidelines, claiming the federal standards violate the due process rights of students.

Reagan McCarthy Aug 17, 2016 at
12:37 PM EDT

Berkeley Chancellor resigns amid charges of wasteful spending

The Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley submitted his resignation Tuesday evening amid allegations that he mishandled multiple sexual harassment cases as well as the school’s budget.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 17, 2016 at
11:40 AM EDT

Free tuition useless without K-12 reform, educator argues

According to David Sabey, an educator and PhD student at Vanderbilt University, free tuition is not the solution to the student debt problem; rather, it is itself part the problem.

Peter Van Voorhis Aug 17, 2016 at
10:45 AM EDT

Union fights campus privatization to protect its benefits

A union representing Tennessee college workers is up in arms over a proposal to outsource facilities management on public college campuses, fearing that allowing private sector competition will cost union members their jobs or benefits.

Autumn Price Aug 16, 2016 at
3:04 PM EDT

Death to diversity

"[D]iversity as we know it is officially a good word gone bad."

Karith Foster Aug 16, 2016 at
2:34 PM EDT
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