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LGBTQ+ students demand special treatment from Clemson

Student leaders are accusing Clemson of "dismissiveness" toward LGBTQ students, complaining they are treated as "simply another 'student group.'"

Mitchell Gunter Apr 28, 2017 at
3:59 PM EDT

Cornell overturns rule giving women extra points for goals

Cornell has closed the “goal gap” after receiving complaints that women received more points for goals in intramural sports than men.

Amber Athey Apr 28, 2017 at
2:24 PM EDT

Students protest 'centrality of whiteness' at Macalester

A student group called “Stop White Noise” recently held a moment of silence to protest “the centrality of whiteness and Eurocentrism” at Macalester College.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 28, 2017 at
1:47 PM EDT

Worden: cops would only step-in for 'life-threatening' event

"[S]tudents have been deprived of their intellectual right..."

Cabot Phillips Apr 28, 2017 at
12:57 PM EDT

Conservative student denied leadership role for political views

A Tulane student was denied a student government role because she had previously mocked a hyperbolic protest against Trump's election.

Amber Athey Apr 28, 2017 at
11:47 AM EDT

Conservative students accuse Cal State of wasting their money

The College Republicans chapter at California State University, Fullerton hosted an event Thursday detailing the college’s “wasteful” spending habits.

Autumn Price Apr 28, 2017 at
10:50 AM EDT

VIDEO: Students despise Obama policies...when credited to Trump

The political is apparently quite personal to some students...

Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey Apr 28, 2017 at
8:25 AM EDT

UC Berkeley will not silence conservatives

"If the university thinks it has silenced Ms. Coulter, it’s mistaken."

Troy Worden Apr 20, 2017 at
2:18 AM EDT

Editor-in-Chief Sterling Beard talks Ann Coulter, Berkeley

"The left is only going to be emboldened by this."

Campus Reform Staff Apr 28, 2017 at
12:39 AM EDT

AUDIO: student forced to stop reading Bible before class

An NAU professor recently demanded that a student stop reading his Bible before class, even calling in the department chair when he refused to comply.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 27, 2017 at
4:18 PM EDT

Yale grad students hold pseudo-hunger strike over union contract

Yale grad students are holding a tag-team hunger strike to demand a union contract, with plans to send in substitutes if anyone becomes too hungry.

Amber Athey Apr 27, 2017 at
2:45 PM EDT

Shkreli trolls Columbia students in their safe space

Columbia University students are enraged that Martin Shkreli has joined their online meme group, and are responding hysterically to his trolling.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 27, 2017 at
11:11 AM EDT

A requiem to free speech

The progression of a terminal illness is never a pretty thing to witness.

Sterling Beard Apr 27, 2017 at
9:22 AM EDT

Transgender agitator threatens Berkeley CR with beatdown

A transgender person at UC-Berkeley was recently filmed threatening College Republicans members who mistakenly referred to him as a man.

Peter Van Voorhis Apr 26, 2017 at
11:28 PM EDT

College rejects gun club because NRA opposes gun control

Concordia College rejected an NRA-affiliated gun club because it conflicts with the school’s institutional support for gun control.

Amber Athey Apr 26, 2017 at
3:20 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: Garrett T. Pauli

'Male-identifying folks' address 'toxic masculinity' in UW film

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created a short film to “deconstruct” the dangers of “toxic masculinity.”

Toni Airaksinen Apr 26, 2017 at
2:22 PM EDT

Prof to admit students into geology class based on race

A geology professor at Pomona College is pledging to use racial preferences to decide which students to accept into a class with a strict enrollment cap.

Matthew Reade Apr 26, 2017 at
11:26 AM EDT

Profs get cash prizes for promoting 'multiculturalism' on campus

Furman University is honoring two employees for promoting diversity and multiculturalism, but won't disclose the value of their cash prize.

Lauren Cooley Apr 26, 2017 at
10:14 AM EDT

Union prez asks profs to cancel class for May Day

A faculty union is encouraging professors to cancel classes, take a personal day, and bring students to this year’s International Workers’ Day protest.

Amber Athey Apr 26, 2017 at
8:40 AM EDT

'Palestine Awareness Week' leads to BDS proposal at GW

The GWU student government is considering a resolution calling for divestment from “problematic companies”  that do business with Israel.

Jackson Richman Apr 26, 2017 at
8:23 AM EDT

Students call school 'racist' for cancelling Hmong course

UW-LaCrosse students protesting the cancellation of a Hmong heritage course due to low enrollment scoffed at plans to open the class to all students.

Adam Sabes Apr 25, 2017 at
4:06 PM EDT

'Abortion positive' tour takes extremist message to campuses

Pro-abortion activists visited college campuses for an “Abortion Positive” tour in April to promote the idea that “abortion access is a social good.”

Amber Athey Apr 25, 2017 at
2:34 PM EDT

UF prof lowers student's grade for using the word 'man'

"I said his reasoning was politically motivated and he responded by saying all official grammar is politically motivated."

Sarah Long and Alison Wilfong Apr 25, 2017 at
10:48 AM EDT

Leftist groups hand out fake arrest notices at Harvard

Liberal Harvard students recently distributed hundreds of fake notices claiming that students had been "detained indefinitely" as suspected illegal aliens.

Peter Van Voorhis Apr 25, 2017 at
10:08 AM EDT

Ole Miss vandals unrepentant about painting over state flag

Two Ole Miss students have been charged for covering the Mississippi flag on a classmate’s campaign sign with the acronym "BLM."

Amber Athey Apr 25, 2017 at
9:20 AM EDT

Students demand Pomona rescind offer to prof because she's white

Students are demanding that Pomona College rescind its offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 24, 2017 at
4:21 PM EDT

Clemson admin proposes ideological litmus test for student gov

A Clemson administrator wants student government candidates to pass an “intercultural competency” test before being permitted to run for or hold office.

Mitchell Gunter Apr 24, 2017 at
1:51 PM EDT

Students say they feel 'threatened' by conservative views

Students at Hood College say they feel "threatened" by some of the "hateful" quotes from conservatives in a temporary College Republicans display.

Autumn Price Apr 24, 2017 at
1:02 PM EDT

University no longer requires permission for free speech

Fairmont State University will no longer require students to obtain permission for expressive activity on campus.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 24, 2017 at
12:37 PM EDT

Princeton study warns of robo-racism, sexism

A Princeton University study claims that Artificial Intelligence machines are just as prone to sexism and racism as are humans.

Amber Athey Apr 24, 2017 at
11:09 AM EDT

Columbia spending $2.5M to study students' sex lives

Columbia University is spending $2.5 million to study students’ sex lives and drinking habits.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 24, 2017 at
9:38 AM EDT

Psych profs violate ethics to accuse Trump of 'mental illness'

A group of psychology professors convened at Yale Thursday to baselessly accuse President Trump of having a "dangerous mental illness."

Anthony Gockowski Apr 21, 2017 at
2:41 PM EDT

Former OCC prof publicly insults conservative student

A former professor mocked and shamed the president of the OCC College Republicans for releasing video of another prof's anti-Trump rant.

Peter Van Voorhis Apr 21, 2017 at
12:36 PM EDT

Students, donors fleeing Drexel over prof's inflammatory tweets

Drexel University is investigating a professor for his “extremely damaging conduct” on social media, which has cost the school students and donations.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 21, 2017 at
11:24 AM EDT

Union asks profs to give extra credit for anti-Trump events

A faculty union is encouraging professors at Shoreline Community College to award students extra credit for attending anti-Trump lectures on May Day.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 21, 2017 at
9:41 AM EDT

Tufts chairman shoots down demands for Israel boycott

Tufts University has emphatically rejected a BDS-inspired Student Government resolution demanding a boycott of companies that do business with Israel.

Kassy Dillon Apr 20, 2017 at
6:30 PM EDT

SDSU Aztec mascot survives cultural appropriation complaints

SDSU will keep its Aztec warrior mascot after the student government rejected a resolution calling it "cultural appropriation."

Amber Athey Apr 20, 2017 at
3:32 PM EDT

Students file bias reports over border wall exam question

Multiple UW-Madison students recently filed bias reports against a professor for an exam question about a hypothetical border wall.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 20, 2017 at
3:05 PM EDT

Columbia students cover Jefferson statue in KKK hood

Columbia University students adorned a Thomas Jefferson statue with a Ku Klux Klan hood to protest “a man who is the epitome of white supremacy.”

Toni Airaksinen Apr 20, 2017 at
2:32 PM EDT

Dems propose law making campuses 'safe spaces' for illegals

California Democrats are pushing legislation that would deem public campuses “safe spaces” from immigration enforcement authorities.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 20, 2017 at
1:05 PM EDT

AU hosts 'Tiki Time' despite cancellation of vet fundraiser

AU is hosting a “Tiki Time” study break despite rejecting a fraternity’s “Bad(minton) and Boujee” event over concerns about cultural appropriation.

Amber Athey Apr 20, 2017 at
12:08 PM EDT

Dean urges students not to wear 'racist' Chief Wahoo logo

A dean at Case Western Reserve University marked opening day by telling students that the Cleveland Indians' “Chief Wahoo” logo is oppressive and racist.

Amber Athey Apr 20, 2017 at
11:15 AM EDT

Harvard tells students gender can 'change from day to day'

Harvard's office of BGLTQ Student Life has released a guide telling students to “fight transphobia” and “get the facts about gender diversity.”

Peter Van Voorhis Apr 20, 2017 at
10:16 AM EDT
Sterling Beard Apr 19, 2017 at
11:49 PM EDT

Anti-gun student group creates ‘Student Body Armor’ ad

The UT-Austin student group that protested campus carry with large black dildos, is now facetiously advertising "Student Body Armor" in school colors.

Amber Athey Apr 19, 2017 at
3:34 PM EDT

Prof goes on paid leave after saying Trump ‘must hang’

A Fresno State professor who was reported to the FBI for tweeting that Donald Trump "must hang" has now been placed on paid leave.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 19, 2017 at
2:52 PM EDT

Student gov votes to give blacks free tuition as 'reparations'

The Western Kentucky University student government voted Tuesday in favor of reparations for black students in the form of free tuition.

Amber Athey Apr 19, 2017 at
1:54 PM EDT

Efforts to silence conservative group thwarted at Wichita State

Wichita State University’s Student Supreme Court has overturned the Student Senate's rejection of a YAL chapter because of its allegedly “dangerous” views.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 19, 2017 at
11:42 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: Paul R Berger

U Alaska art exhibition displays Trump’s severed head

The University of Alaska is displaying a professor’s painting that depicts Captain America holding the severed head of President Donald Trump.

Amber Athey Apr 19, 2017 at
10:34 AM EDT

Christian university cuts ties to Planned Parenthood

Whitworth University, a Christian university in Spokane, Washington, has officially cut its ties with Planned Parenthood.

Autumn Price Apr 19, 2017 at
10:13 AM EDT
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