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AU students demand Trustee be fired for meeting with Trump

A group of American University students protested Wednesday to demand the firing of a Board of Trustees member, simply for meeting with Donald Trump.

Kara Zupkus Dec 02, 2016 at
11:12 AM EDT

SUNY prof berates pro-Trump colleagues, demands explanation

A SUNY professor recently used a school email listserv to berate colleagues who voted for Trump, demanding to know whether they are white supremacists.

Anthony Gockowski Dec 05, 2016 at
3:52 PM EDT

UMD student gov requires itself to take diversity training

The University of Maryland’s student government is now mandating “diversity and cultural sensitivity” for all of its officers.

Victoria Stroup Dec 05, 2016 at
3:03 PM EDT

College prez: students might 'drop out from fear' after election

The president of Montgomery College argues that Trump's election creates the need for a "deeper commitment to inclusion” from academia.

Autumn Price Dec 05, 2016 at
1:55 PM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: the First Amendment is in trouble

Asking an American campus to identify as American is such a tall order.

Campus Reform Staff Dec 05, 2016 at
12:52 PM EDT

UW students launch ‘Coalition Against the Ultra Right’

"[W]e know that Milo’s words are not about free speech, but about intimidation and hate."

Anthony Gockowski Dec 05, 2016 at
12:37 PM EDT

Princeton prez: Sanctuary campus has ‘no basis in law’

Princeton and Brown have become the only two Ivy League institutions to explicitly refuse to become “sanctuary campuses” in defiance of federal law.

Amber Athey Dec 05, 2016 at
11:17 AM EDT

Cal Poly course examines ‘why white was invented’

Cal Poly students can now fulfill certain core requirements by completing a course that examines the “social construction of whiteness.”

Anthony Gockowski Dec 05, 2016 at
10:47 AM EDT

Profs form group to fight 'racism and xenophobia' after election

In response to Trump's election, Lafayette College professors formed a group to “organize opposition to racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia.”

Toni Airaksinen Dec 05, 2016 at
9:52 AM EDT

VIDEO: Sanctuary campus supporters willing to ignore other laws

'Sanctuary campus' supporters say schools should also exempt them from underage drinking laws, student loans debt, and even final exams.

Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips Dec 05, 2016 at
7:48 AM EDT

Texas Gov. vows to strip funds from sanctuary campuses, cities

Texas Governor Greg Abbott pledged in a series of tweets this week to cut funding for sanctuary cities and campuses that defy federal immigration law.

Anthony Gockowski Dec 02, 2016 at
2:45 PM EDT

Barnard Social Justice Institute to fight 'right-wing attacks'

The Barnard College Center for Research on Women has launch a Social Justice Institute to help left-wing activists spread their ideas.

Toni Airaksinen Dec 02, 2016 at
1:34 PM EDT

Catholic colleges pledge legal, financial aid for illegals

More than 100 presidents of elite Catholic colleges are vowing to offer their schools’ legal and financial resources in support of illegal immigrants.

Anthony Gockowski Dec 02, 2016 at
11:58 AM EDT

Old Glory returns to Hampshire College after 2-week controversy

Hampshire College raised its American flag early Friday morning, finally capitulating to community outrage two weeks after its controversial decision to remove the banner from campus.

Kassy Dillon Dec 02, 2016 at
8:50 AM EDT

Schools provide puppies, massages to ease exam stress

Universities are offering their students puppies, acupuncture, and massages to ensure they don’t get too stressed out during final exams.

Amber Athey Dec 02, 2016 at
8:17 AM EDT

No ‘religious icons’ during Christmas, colleges tell students

Universities are cracking down religious Christmas decorations, all but banning displays of the “Nativity Scene” and images of the “crucifixion.”

Anthony Gockowski Dec 01, 2016 at
4:20 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyers give 'sanctuary campus' efforts bleak prognosis

Lawyers for the “sanctuary campus” movement are warning that schools could lose federal funding if they try to block the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Anthony Gockowski Dec 01, 2016 at
3:49 PM EDT

USC student gov wants to make school a 'sanctuary campus'

"[T]he resolution did not address the possible consequences of becoming a sanctuary campus, such as the loss of federal funding."

Peter Van Voorhis Dec 01, 2016 at
3:17 PM EDT

Student gov member forced to resign over ‘racialized threat’

A Binghamton University student representative has resigned after joking that the penalty for campaign violations should be "tar and feathering."

Amber Athey Dec 01, 2016 at
1:01 PM EDT

Local mayor challenges Hampshire College to restore flag

The mayor of Springfield, Mass. is urging nearby Hampshire College to "show the proper respect to our veterans" by restoring the American flag to campus.

Anthony Gockowski Dec 01, 2016 at
11:55 AM EDT

Penn State students fined for vandalizing Trump signs

Two Penn State University students are raising money to pay a fine they received after ripping up campaign signs at a pro-Trump rally.

Kassy Dillon Dec 01, 2016 at
11:17 AM EDT

College rejects conservative group for anti-communist views

Samford University is refusing to recognize a conservative student group, citing its “inflammatory” anti-communist stance.

Peter Van Voorhis Dec 01, 2016 at
10:21 AM EDT

Walkout leaders plan 'secretive' takeover of admin buildings

Organizers of the recent sanctuary campus walkout are plotting to escalate their effort by illegally occupying hundreds of administrative buildings.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 30, 2016 at
7:21 PM EDT

BC faculty want to ban Trump-inspired speech

"[W]e as faculty at Boston College declare our unequivocal opposition to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism..."

Tyler Arnold Nov 30, 2016 at
4:57 PM EDT

'Trump supporters may pose a serious risk,' flyers warn students

Flyers have appeared at Saint Mary’s College claiming that Donald Trump supporters “condone and encourage” violence against minorities.

Shannon Golden Nov 30, 2016 at
4:32 PM EDT

GW students question validity of pro-Trump opinions

Tensions ran high during a GW “Campus Climate Town Hall” intended to allow students to air their concerns about Donald Trump’s election.

Kara Zupkus and Jackson Richman Nov 30, 2016 at
3:47 PM EDT

Marquette omits 'Christmas' from 'tree lighting' announcement

Ads for Marquette's annual "tree lighting" ceremony barely mentioned the word "Christmas," and omitted other religious terms entirely.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 30, 2016 at
1:44 PM EDT

Ole Miss student gov retracts sanctuary campus resolution

The Ole Miss student government has withdrawn a resolution demanding “sanctuary campus” protections after a draft of the document sparked intense criticism.

Gretchen Edelman Nov 30, 2016 at
11:20 AM EDT

College wants students to 'color away your testing stress!'

Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania is encouraging students to reduce their testing stress by coloring.

Kassy Dillon Nov 30, 2016 at
6:33 AM EDT

Petition demands UNCW fire conservative prof over op-eds

An online petition is calling for the firing of a conservative professor for mocking an "SJW" student in an op-ed.

Amber Athey Nov 29, 2016 at
3:50 PM EDT

Don't speak to media, Hampshire begs students

Hampshire College is cracking down on free expression after veterans protested its decision to remove the American flag from campus.

Kassy Dillon and Amber Athey Nov 29, 2016 at
2:18 PM EDT

University closes art exhibit after complaints over KKK pic

"Why did Salem state think it was OK to put a pic of the KKK in the art gallery during election time?"

Autumn Price Nov 29, 2016 at
11:49 AM EDT

GW activists apologize for 'putting black students in harm's way'

Progressive student groups at GW are apologizing for "putting black students in harm's way" by repudiating the FOP for endorsing Trump.

Kara Zupkus Nov 29, 2016 at
11:16 AM EDT

VIDEO: AU students prefer Castro over Trump

American University students insist that Fidel Castro was better than Trump, but struggled to justify their support for the late Cuban dictator.

Amber Athey Nov 29, 2016 at
9:37 AM EDT

'Seven Sisters' presidents scold Bannon

"They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England..."

Kassy Dillon Nov 29, 2016 at
8:01 AM EDT

Students protest ‘mental and emotional abuse of hate speech’

Gettysburg College students recently held a days-long sit-in to protest the “mental and emotional abuse of hate speech” following Trump's election.

Alissa Lopez Nov 28, 2016 at
3:36 PM EDT

AAUP endorses sanctuary campuses, condemns 'spike in hate crimes'

The AAUP endorsed the “sanctuary campus” movement last week while condemning the "menacing behavior" of Trump supporters.

Autumn Price Nov 28, 2016 at
2:06 PM EDT

Columbia pledges to shelter illegal immigrants from Trump

Columbia has caved to “sanctuary campus” demands, saying it will shelter illegal immigrants from deportation and work to bolster their financial aid.

Toni Airaksinen Nov 28, 2016 at
1:24 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: UCLA Intergroup Relations Program

UCLA students compare feminism to white supremacy

UCLA students were treated to a dinner dialogue this month on the topic of “white feminism” and its relation to white supremacy.

Toni Airaksinen Nov 28, 2016 at
11:09 AM EDT

UCSB student called 'fascist' for questioning aid to illegals

UCSB students placed flyers around campus calling a graduate student "fascist" for questioning aid for illegal immigrant students.

Kassy Dillon Nov 28, 2016 at
10:39 AM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: Because 2016 can only get so much odder

Stop trying to make 'sanctuary campus' happen. It's not going to happen.

Campus Reform Staff Nov 28, 2016 at
9:39 AM EDT

MAP: Schools cave to 'sanctuary campus' demands

Hundreds of universities and colleges are already trying to shield illegal immigrants from Trump's expected deportation policies.

Tyler Arnold Nov 28, 2016 at
9:21 AM EDT

Veterans protest removal of American flag at Hampshire College

Veterans and local residents are outraged that Hampshire College stopped flying the American flag on campus after one was burned on the eve of Veterans Day.

Kassy Dillon Nov 28, 2016 at
8:44 AM EDT

Another pro-Trump ‘hate crime’ deemed a hoax

Yet another alleged instance of Trump-inspired harassment has been investigated by North Park University and deemed to be a hoax.

Tyler Arnold Nov 24, 2016 at
3:45 PM EDT

VIDEO: Students bewilderedly thankful for Obama

Millennials are thankful for Obama this Thanksgiving, but darned if they know why.

Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips Nov 24, 2016 at
9:39 AM EDT

Conservative group creates database of biased profs

TPUSA has launched a new website documenting professors who “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

Peter Van Voorhis Nov 23, 2016 at
5:33 PM EDT

UNH will not punish Trump supporters dressed as Harambe, Nixon

The University of New Hampshire will not expel the two Trump supporters who counter-protested a walkout dressed as Harambe and Richard Nixon.

Amber Athey Nov 23, 2016 at
3:03 PM EDT

UNC students taunt Trump while blocking traffic

Students angry over Donald Trump’s election took to the streets of Chapel Hill Friday, chanting "pussy grabs back" while blocking a major intersection.

Will Rierson Nov 23, 2016 at
11:12 AM EDT

GW admin creates 'safe space' for students traumatized by Trump

A GW administrator emailed students to offer a "safe space" following the election of "a misogynist, a racist, a homophobe, and a xenophobe.”

Kara Zupkus Nov 23, 2016 at
10:09 AM EDT

Universities offer tips for having a 'green' Thanksgiving

Several universities are providing students with guidelines on sustainable Thanksgiving practices to impose on their families over the holiday.

Amber Athey Nov 23, 2016 at
8:35 AM EDT
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