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MSU bans whiteboards to prevent offensive messages

MSU is prohibiting students from displaying whiteboards on their dorm room doors starting next semester to prevent “offensive” words and images.

Jade Haney Today at
3:52 PM EDT

Psych students scour shelves for ‘dominant group privilege’

Aurora University psych students were required to check local stores for the number of non-white Barbies and wedding cards for same-sex couples.

Anthony Gockowski Today at
3:08 PM EDT

VIDEO: Clemson profs lead 'march against silence' on Trump EO

About 200 students, faculty, and community members marched across campus Friday to demand that Clemson condemn President Trump’s executive order.

Mitchell Gunter Today at
2:28 PM EDT

CA budget guts middle-class aid, keeps scholarships for illegals

CA Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing cuts to scholarships for middle class students while increasing scholarship funding for illegal immigrant students.

Amber Athey Today at
1:36 PM EDT

Pitt still mulling ‘sanctuary’ despite risk of losing state funds

Students and faculty are continuing to demand that Pitt declare itself a sanctuary campus despite a proposal to cut state funding for such schools.

Marlo Safi Today at
9:55 AM EDT

African American CR assailed by leftist protesters at Sac State

An African-American member of the Sac State CRs was assaulted and harassed by protesters at a Students for Justice in Palestine rally.

Peter Van Voorhis Feb 20, 2017 at
3:12 PM EDT

Students protest prof's op-ed about Islam's and LGBT rights

Wake Forest University students are protesting a professor’s column arguing that Muslim immigration should be restricted in the name of gay rights.

Kassy Dillon Feb 20, 2017 at
12:44 PM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: The 'antifas' plot their next move...

The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t.

Campus Reform Staff Feb 20, 2017 at
11:17 AM EDT

Islamic Studies prof: slavery, rape OK under Islam

A Georgetown is under fire following a lecture he gave defending slavery and rape under Islamic law.

Emily Wendt Feb 20, 2017 at
8:03 AM EDT

TX advances bill to fine, defund ‘sanctuary' campuses

A bill working its way through the Texas legislature would force campus police departments to comply with federal immigration law or lose state funding.

Amber Athey Feb 17, 2017 at
4:35 PM EDT

Berkeley reconsiders 'hands-off' approach to anti-Milo riot

UC-Berkeley is reconsidering the “hands-off” approach of campus police during the violent "anti-fascist" riot that destroyed parts of campus.

Chris Nuelle Feb 17, 2017 at
3:20 PM EDT

Chinese UCSD students protest 'unreasonable' Dalai Lama invite

Chinese students at UC-San Diego are preparing to “resist” a commencement speech by the Dalai Lama, allegedly at the behest of the Chinese government.

Joshua Teitelbaum Feb 17, 2017 at
1:57 PM EDT

UNO prof to speak against 'white supremacist' Trump 'regime'

UNO will soon host a workshop for "Anti-Racist Allies" on resisting "the white supremacist and misogynist regime we now find ourselves under."

Anthony Gockowski Feb 17, 2017 at
12:06 PM EDT

NAU profs label Trump a 'neo-fascist,' 'rapist in chief'

Northern Arizona University recently hosted a “Specter of Fascism” event at which professors repeatedly compared the "Trump regime" to Nazis.

Shanna Nelson and Jade Haney Feb 17, 2017 at
11:25 AM EDT

UNC condemns flyer inciting violence against Trump supporters

UNC administrators condemned a flier found on campus encouraging violence against Donald Trump supporters, calling it antithetical to free speech.

Will Rierson Feb 17, 2017 at
10:21 AM EDT

OCC reminds students of recording ban amidst controversy

Orange Coast College insists that new signs referencing a ban on classroom recordings is not related to an embarrassing video of one of its professors.

Peter Van Voorhis Feb 16, 2017 at
4:41 PM EDT

College club clubs Trump effigy at recruitment fair

A feminist organization at a Minnesota college recently invited students to batter a Donald Trump effigy during a school-wide recruitment fair.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 16, 2017 at
2:33 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @catchatweetdown

Clemson students, profs jump on anti-Calhoun bandwagon

After Yale’s decision to rename Calhoun College, activists are demanding that Clemson re-designate a building named for a racist Democrat politician.

Mitchell Gunter Feb 16, 2017 at
1:56 PM EDT

W&M event solicits student stories to end 'stigma' of abortion

A College of William & Mary student group is hosting an “Abortion Speak-Out” to “end the stigma” and “build power, solidarity, and empathy.”

Amber Athey Feb 16, 2017 at
11:43 AM EDT

Columbia law journal tracks Trump's threats to 'human rights'

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review has created a "Trump Human Rights Tracker" to catalog policies it considers a "threat to human rights."

Anthony Gockowski Feb 16, 2017 at
10:33 AM EDT

CSU employee shames students as ‘local racists’

A Colorado State University employee openly shamed two conservative students, posting pictures of them on Facebook labeled “local racist” one and two.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 15, 2017 at
8:47 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: RockIt News

MSU prof apologizes to Latinx students for Trump valentines

An MSU professor had to apologize after sharing humorous Trump-themed valentines that apparently offended some "Latinx" students.

Amber Athey Feb 15, 2017 at
4:15 PM EDT

UMich history profs warn of Trump's 'authoritarian politics'

UMich professors plan to address the Trump presidency with a “fascism teach-in” warning that the “regime change” will “erode democratic institutions.”

Anthony Gockowski Feb 15, 2017 at
3:16 PM EDT

Republican woman barred from Women's Conference over her 'values'

The UC-Irvine College Republicans president was denied access to a Women’s Conference because the student body president doesn't like her "values."

Kassy Dillon Feb 15, 2017 at
2:00 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: Aron Milberg

UC students: free speech shouldn't apply to 'Trump surrogates'

Students are calling on the University of Chicago to disinvite former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, saying his speech “normalizes bigotry.”

Amber Athey Feb 15, 2017 at
12:58 PM EDT

Howard students demand Trump be banned from campus

Students are demanding that Howard University cut all ties with the White House, even requesting an outright ban against Trump appearing on campus.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 15, 2017 at
11:31 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: Knights for Socialism

UCF socialist club urges young children to 'kill Donald Trump'

The UCF "Knights for Socialism" recently cajoled classmates, and even several small children, to beat effigies of Donald Trump and other Republicans.

Lauren Cooley Feb 15, 2017 at
10:03 AM EDT

Student suspended for recording 'act of terrorism' prof

The previously anonymous student, Caleb O’Neil, has also received a number of other sanctions for recording his professor.

Peter Van Voorhis Feb 15, 2017 at
12:25 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: Georgia Tech Student Center

Colleges provide counseling, puppies for stressful V-Day

Several colleges are offering counseling, puppy playtime, and guided meditation this Valentine’s Day for students’ stressed out by the holiday.

Amber Athey Feb 14, 2017 at
3:46 PM EDT

Pharmacy student says NC travel ban interfering with studies

A University at Buffalo pharmacy student is pleading for relief from NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order banning state-funded travel to North Carolina.

Kassy Dillon Feb 14, 2017 at
2:36 PM EDT
All images via Facebook: Wee the People

MassArt helps children make valentines 'To Islam, With Love'

MassArt recently hosted an event for children to make Valentine’s Day cards “against Islamophobia.”

Amber Athey Feb 14, 2017 at
1:29 PM EDT

Gettysburg students erect 'Trump Wall' in school library

Students at Gettysburg College assembled a “Trump wall” in the school’s library criticizing many of Trump's policies and appointments.

Alissa Lopez Feb 14, 2017 at
11:17 AM EDT

UC students explore 'alternatives to calling the police'

A University of Chicago student group is planning a workshop on “alternatives to calling the police,” even in emergencies.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 14, 2017 at
10:43 AM EDT

UCLA pays profs $1,000 each to teach anti-Trump workshops

UCLA has paid at least eight professors up to $1,000 each to teach workshops on the 2016 election, many of which have a decidedly anti-Trump slant.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 14, 2017 at
9:48 AM EDT

Parents protest liberal bias of mandatory seminar at New Trier

Parents are dismayed that New Trier High School is refusing to alter a civil rights “Seminar Day” they consider heavily biased in favor of liberal views.

Amber Athey Feb 14, 2017 at
8:28 AM EDT

Clemson profs no longer hungry, but still mad at Trump

Three Clemson professors concluded a week-long hunger strike by challenging administrators to debate President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Mitchell Gunter Feb 13, 2017 at
8:05 PM EDT

Students sue GMU for release of donations from Koch brothers

A student group is suing GMU, seeking to force the school to publicly disclose all grant and gift agreements it has with the Koch brothers.

Kassy Dillon Feb 13, 2017 at
4:03 PM EDT

Clemson faculty sign up for anti-Trump protest group

Nearly 50 school employees have joined students at Clemson University to form an anti-Trump protest group inspired by an online manifesto.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 13, 2017 at
3:22 PM EDT
Berkeley students blocking a bridge while demanding

STUDY: Extreme protest tactics likely to backfire

Blocking traffic, damaging property, and other "extreme" protest behaviors can reduce popular support for social movements, a new study concludes.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 13, 2017 at
11:43 AM EDT
Image via Twitter: @GeraldoRivera

Geraldo Rivera quits Yale over Calhoun College name change

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera is resigning his position at Yale University because of its decision to rename Calhoun College.

Amber Athey Feb 13, 2017 at
10:50 AM EDT

Yale to host 'Black Panther Party' for Black History Month

The Afro-American Cultural Center (AACC) at Yale University is celebrating Black History Month by holding a “Black Panther Party.”

Ian Edwards Feb 13, 2017 at
10:13 AM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: Stop punching us!

The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t.

Campus Reform Staff Feb 13, 2017 at
9:51 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Duke University

Duke rallies 'social justice people' to protest Trump

Duke University is sponsoring an activism event to rally “social justice people” against President Trump.

Sydney Hutchison Feb 13, 2017 at
7:50 AM EDT

BLM organizers trash Trump, police in campus lectures

BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors recently told University of Iowa students that "45 [Trump] is building a police state," and urged them to "fight" it.

Dylan Larino and Jackson Richman Feb 11, 2017 at
11:57 AM EDT
Image via Twitter: @PeppGraphic

Pepperdine removes Columbus statue, then Columbus impersonator

A costumed activist was asked to leave Pepperdine University for attempting to stand in for a recently-removed statue of Christopher Columbus.

Kassy Dillon Feb 10, 2017 at
4:21 PM EDT

AAUP condemns student journalists for accurate reporting

The AAUP is condemning student journalists for reporting the liberal bias of their professors, calling the practice a "politically motivated witch hunt.”

Anthony Gockowski Feb 10, 2017 at
2:39 PM EDT

'Black-on-black murder is not a thing,' Regis presenter claims

A professor lectured white students and faculty on how they are “complicit” in racial oppression during “Anti-Oppression Week” at Regis University.

Jade Haney Feb 10, 2017 at
2:20 PM EDT

Profs threaten to leave state if Iowa restricts union rights

Legislators in Iowa have introduced a bill that would dramatically curtail the privileges of higher education labor unions.

Kassy Dillon Feb 10, 2017 at
1:13 PM EDT

MAP: Campus free speech bills gaining steam nationwide

State legislators across the country are pushing bills to prevent college administrators from restricting students’ free speech rights.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 10, 2017 at
11:49 AM EDT

Cornell student gov rejects ideological diversity bill

The Cornell Student Assembly narrowly struck down a resolution to create a committee to “increase and improve faculty ideological diversity.”

Casey Breznick Feb 10, 2017 at
11:12 AM EDT
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