OSU Students Demonstrate Support For 2nd Amendment

On a cold and rainy Valentine's Day in Columbus, Ohio a group of 20 dedicated students gathered for coffee as part of a demonstration of their right to exercise their constitutional rights.

Michael Newbern the President of Buckeyes for Concealed Carry at the Ohio State University learned that opponents of gun rights were planning a valentine's day boycott of Starbucks.  This was a  left wing response to the coffee shops support of concealed carry in their stores.

"I agree that today was a real victory for our cause. We demonstrated that we are tenacious and determined. 20+ of us stood out in the freezing rain for 2+ hours protesting for our rights to concealed carry on Ohio's campuses," Said Michael Newbern about the event.

Newbern quickly activated his group of young and talented activists so that they could show support for businesses who respected the Constitutional right to bear and carry arms.

Students arrived at the local Starbucks just across the street from the university, some with concealed carry permits carrying their own sidearm, to show their support  for Starbucks and to protest the universities policy that prevents students from protecting themselves - despite a crime wave that left many victims last November.

According to Mike Newbern support was high for the student demonstrators. Cars encouragingly honked support for the students as they passed by, and others expressed their delight in seeing supporters of gun rights on campus. One girl who passed by was quoted as saying "My dad would be so proud to see students supporting the second amendment".

Little to no opposition at all counter protested.  This was in spite of the fact that local television reports on the event and an extensive flyer campaign by the BCCC organization that announced the event to students in the weeks before.

"It is becoming clear to us that students overwhelmingly either support our cause or are open to the concept of self-defense concealed carry on campus," says Michael, "However, we still get strong opposition from the Administration. University officials continue to decline invitations to meetings while perpetuating misconceptions about us. Gee has referred to us as vigilantes and has even called our mission an effort to carry guns willy nilly on campus. "

Both Vice President of Student Life Dr. Adams-Gaston, and University President Gordon Gee declined an invitation to join the Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus at starbucks that day.

To promote concealed carry on your own campus by contacting your Regional Field Coordinator today.

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