SMU administrators donated exclusively to Democrat political candidates and politicians.

Grace GottschlingOct 22, 2018

"[T]hat can lead to systemic disadvantage."

Kenneth NelsonOct 22, 2018

“We urge our community to be aware of the potentially harmful impact..."

Ben McdonaldOct 22, 2018

"Such groups blur the boundaries of whiteness..."

Celine RyanToday at 9:48 AM EDT

“There should be intentional outreach in Latinx communities throughout the country."

Autumn PriceToday at 11:59 AM EDT

"It doesn't take away any opportunities..."

Jacob FloamOct 22, 2018

"[I]t's easy to fall back into what you're used to..."

Kenneth NelsonOct 19, 2018

"[I]t is also about reclaiming our physical space..."

Ben McDonaldOct 19, 2018

"[T]he past legislative session witnessed an extensive debate..."

Adam SabesOct 19, 2018

"[T]here will be “readings from the masterworks Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto..."

Andrew LawrenceOct 18, 2018

"[U]sers often express prejudice..."

Celine RyanOct 18, 2018

"Hey, Kissinger, what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?"

Grace GottschlingOct 17, 2018

“The changes got out in front of the process.”

Kenneth NelsonOct 17, 2018

"These ten demands range from pay to healthcare and concern employees at all levels of GW’s working community."

Abigail MaroneOct 17, 2018

"[T]here is a high demand..."

Celine RyanOct 16, 2018

“Some people are trying to keep certain views unexpressed..."

Kenneth NelsonOct 16, 2018

"Don't just interrupt a senator's meal..."

Adam SabesOct 16, 2018

"Diversity for the sake of diversity is foolish."

Celine RyanOct 15, 2018
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies before the U.S. Senate committee. (Photo Credit: YouTube/CBC News)

"This not about partisan politics."

Adam SabesOct 15, 2018

"They would like a really big turnout."

Erin CookeOct 15, 2018

“This result, while disappointing, is not altogether surprising."

Kenneth NelsonOct 14, 2018

"[T]hese professors and students feel entitled enough to try and shut down the President's speech..."

Zachary PetrizzoOct 13, 2018

“[D]ecorating cupcakes likely does not have any effect."

Celine RyanOct 12, 2018

“We project a facade of freedom, truth, and opportunity."

Katelyn AndersonOct 12, 2018
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