Vegan Hoax Reveals Campus Mentality at Smith College

Recently, as part of a class assignment, some students at Smith College students launched a hoax to pretend that the school was converting to entirely locally grown and vegan food.  The campus went into an uproar, with multiple protests for and against the measure.

The hoax was part of an annual series of pranks by a pair of professors.  What is disturbing is that the cultural atmosphere at Smith College, and at colleges in general, has shifted so far to the left that a preposterous claim like this was actually believed and taken seriously.

One of the past pranks was a fake campaign to start a ROTC program on campus.  Most of the campus didn't fall for that one, other than the college president Carol Christ.  Her reaction was "I was like, 'Oh, no, how am I supposed to handle this?' ''   What type environment is this, where it is much more plausible and believable to claim that the campus will switch to entirely locally grown vegan food, than that it will start a chapter of ROTC?

Even more worrisome is the tendency of students at Smith College to believe 'unintentional hoaxes' like "Wall Street is responsible for your massive student debt and inability to find a job"  A couple of weeks ago, Smith College students attended a local 'occupy' protest, where they protested a local Bank of America branch with a sign accusing 'billionaires' of 'brain washing' America and another with a tribute to convicted Georgia cop-killer Troy Davis.

Our educational system is clearly not teaching our students critical thinking skills.  While this is sometimes good for a laugh, when large numbers of students fall for a hoax, it is highly troubling that so many will fall for the equally false claims of the 'Occupy Wall Street' people.

Is your campus overwhelmingly liberal?  Contact your Regional Field Coordinator to learn how you can fight back.


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