Empty Stroller Protest: The Relationships Lost to Abortion

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Back in April, I led training at the Texas Students for Life Conference at Texas A&M University and suggested a unique pro-life activism idea that had never been done before on a college campus, as far as I know.

One student at the conference took the suggestion of an empty stroller protest seriously and put it into action.

Christina Esparza, a student at Mountain View Community College in Dallas, loved the idea of an Empty Stroller Protest and made it happen. Her Students for Life Club tabled on campus with three empty strollers with signs drawing attention to what all of us alive today have lost because of the killing of over 52 million baby boys and girls who never grew up because their lives were cruelly cut short in the womb.

Two of the signs in strollers read, "The Fiance That Would've Been" and "The Friend You Could've Had." A third sign reads in part: "It's a child, not a choice" and "Abortion doesn't make you 'unpregnant.' It makes you the mother of a dead child."

Another stand alone sign listed statistically how many people of various professions have been lost to abortion, including U.S. presidents, Supreme Court justices, Nobel prize winners, doctors, nurses, teachers, and artists.

The killing of a baby in the womb is not a private tragedy but one that affects us all in very profound but subtle ways. Every life is so intricately intertwined with every other life that even the loss of just one life snuffed out by abortion changes everything in almost unimaginable ways. While the life of a baby in the womb deserves protection because of his or her own individual right to life, sometimes pro-life student groups would do well to take this different approach of appealing to the self-interest of people who cannot or will not take the human dignity and personhood of the unborn seriously.

Christina had this to say after the activism event:

"The Empty Stroller Protest was a really powerful way to get our message across. And we wouldn't have known about it except for the training we received from the Leadership Institute at the Texas Students for Life conference. Thanks for such a wonderful idea!"

For advice on how to be an effective pro-life student group, click here.

Here's what you can do to promote pro-life values on your campus:

  1. Demand a Center for Chastity, Marriage, and True Love on campus in order to demand the abolition of Women's and GLBTQ centers (or to establish balance, fairness, viewpoint-neutrality, and real diversity).
  2. Start or join a chapter of Ruth Youth or Students for Life on CampusReform.org. You owe it to your values to organize to effectively combat the advocacy of values contrary to your own by professors, administrators, and other students. Once you've created the group, blog about your activities to spread the word about your group, create a permanent record of your efforts, and enhance your impact on campus.
  3. Host a conservative speaker. These events are a great way to garner publicity for your message and educate everyone about your views. Host a woman who regrets her abortion (Silent No More) or someone who was almost killed in abortion (e.g. Gianna Jessen or Rebecca Kiessling). These speakers can share powerful, personal testimonies, and are well worth the time, money, and energy your group will invest in the speaker. Coordinate with other campuses to create a speaking tour. I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute for the topics of marriage and sexuality.
  4. Report leftist bias and abuse. Click here for a list of 47 different types of bias and abuse, and determine which are occuring at your school.

Contact your Regional Field Coordinator for more advice and assistance.

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