Kicked Off Campus for Talking to Students

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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is where free speech goes to die. 

When met with the idea that conservatives would be talking to students on campus Associate Director of Hospitality, Danielle Rodriguez, leapt into action. Ms. Rodriguez, in the typical bureaucratic fashion claimed the individuals in question, Regional Field Coordinator Mike Armstrong and Field Representative Rob Bryan, were violating fire code by blocking a way of egress. Noticing that this questionable reason might not suffice, Ms. Rodriguez then claimed that university policy prohibited solicitation within the confines of buildings.

When the policy was checked, the solicitation section cited by Ms. Rodriguez deals with solicitation of charitable contributions, sales, and distribution of written materials. Neither Mike nor Rob engaged in any of these actions.

Mike and Rob had been on campus talking to students after they entered the building. By simply asking the students about their favorability towards a political figure, Mike and Rob attempted to find like-minded students. As those students were identified, they were asked if they might be interested in being involved with a political group on campus. Some voluntarily gave their information, others moved on. No high-pressure techniques were used and Ms. Rodriguez did not claim that any students had complained. Her actions were not in the interest of students; it was a flexing of her bureaucratic muscle. 

Mike then questioned Ms. Rodriguez about the Constitutionality of limiting speech on campus outside of classrooms. Ms. Rodriguez responded that the Constitution did not apply in this case. Field Representative Rob Bryan reports, "I felt like the kid in the 'David After Dentist' video. I was thinking to myself, 'Is this real life.' This woman is claiming that university policy trumps the Constitution of the United States."

While students tabled around the main rotunda that is the entryway to the new student union at UNCC, Rob and Mike were told that they were not allowed to talk to students. 

Not to be deterred, Rob and Mike have reached out to the campus' Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) to prepare to go back to campus. Anthony Rodriguez, President of YAL at UNCC, reports that YAL at UNCC is a brand new group on campus and is looking to build a strong presence. 

If you would like to join YAL at UNCC and help protect free speech on campus please contact Anthony via email.

Contact your Regional Field Coordinator to learn how you can fight back against biased liberal administrators hampering your ability to recruit on campus.