Professor: Alabama immigration law like ‘anti-Jewish actions taken by Adolf Hitler & Nazi Germany’

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Alabama’s anti-illegal immigration law is like “the anti-Jewish actions taken by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany” with the “Nuremberg laws coming to mind,” a professor of history at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) wrote on his personal blog.Professor Ronald Feinman

“The only people who can celebrate this law are the KKK and other white supremacy groups,” wrote Ronald Feinman, who is an adjunct professor of history at FAU.

Feinman added that the “hateful, nativist, despicable legislation” puts Alabama “to shame.”

The blog post was published on Feinman’s personal blog entitled “The Progressive Professor,” where he describes himself as “a liberal and a progressive.”

In other posts, Feinman accuses the FOX News Channel (FNC) of “distorting news on a regular basis” and spewing “poison and hate.”

He described former FNC host and pundit Glenn Beck as the “new menace to American freedom and stability” out simply to “enrich himself at the expense of... gullible Americans.”

A number of students have posted complaints about Feinman’s intolerance for opposing viewpoints in class, via the popular college website

One post on the website says he is “very liberal and other views are not well respected in the class.”

The student added Feinman “spends a good deal of class time bashing Bush and praising Obama.”

Another student wrote that Feinman is a “very opinionated liberal professor who likes to frequently twist and edit history and current events throughout his lectures.”

A spokesperson for the university declined to provide an official comment, however, said over the phone that “the university does not get involved” with “what staff does outside of work.”

Professor Feinman has also authored numerous other blog posts on his website. Many entries include colorful and outspoken criticism of conservatives and the Republican Party.

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A list of excerpts from Feinman's blog, compiled by Campus Reform:

Republican Party: “The Republican Party has moved so far to the Right that the list of outrageous views and statements that can be compiled gets worse all of the time! There seems to be no limit to their nastiness, selfishness, mean spiritedness, and anarchistic statements against government.”

On Scalia: “But one must remember that Scalia is a showboat, a maniacal egotist who loves to hear the sound of his own voice, and get everyone’s attention.”

On Scalia, Thomas, and Alito: “It would seem appropriate to call them the ‘Three Horseman of the Apocalypse!’”

On Conservative Governors: These “despicable governors” have “no conscience, and do not give a damn about protecting the health of their own less fortunate citizens.”

On Sarah Palin: “This woman is a mental case who needs to be repudiated, and invited to shut her mouth once and for all, as a unnecessary pest and naysayer in her party, who is bound to do everything to destroy any Republican who runs for President, because of her maniacal belief that only she could govern, but unwilling to do the work required, and offer her candidacy to the people of her party.”

On Michelle Bachmann: Feinman says she “comes across as highly ignorant in so many ways, and with views on social and economic issues that are literally scary . . . Bachmann has a history of showing ignorance often, and her view of social and world issues is literally terrifying to thoughtful people.”

On Ron Paul: “That [his views on college loans] is only to be condemned as heartless, uncaring, narrow minded, and elitist . . . .”

On Bathrooms: Feinman says he is an “advocate” for gender-neutral restrooms “which now exist all over the nation in shopping malls and many hotels and other public restroom locations.”

On Romney: “Romney has no guts or courage, and would become a tool of the billionaires.”

On FOX News: “Fox News Channel is infamous for distorting news on a regular basis.”  

“Fox News Polls, which tend to distort reality, but are believed by those who see that so called ‘news channel’ and the ‘poison and hate’ it disposes, as being absolute Gospel!”

On Glenn Beck: “Face the facts: Glenn Beck is the new menace to American freedom and stability, and the fact that many advertisers have withdrawn from supporting his show on Fox News Channel is a good thing. This man has nothing positive or encouraging to say, and it is obvious he is just out to enrich himself at the expense of the gullible Americans who are rightfully concerned about their future, but are being told by this recovering alcoholic to have fear and hate for their government and many of their fellow citizens.”