The top 17 young conservatives you MUST FOLLOW on twitter

Campus Reform Reporter

Campus Reform (@campusreform) has compiled a list of MUST FOLLOW young conservatives on twitter. Take our advice, if you are on twitter, you need to add these individuals to your follow list.

@Gabby_Hoffman: Gabriella Hoffman has done it all—she hosted David Horowitz at UCSD, and she’s an editor at TheCollegeConservative and one of the founders of Resist44. She’s got over 10k followers, establishing quite the following on Twitter.

@JoeSchoffstall: Joe Schoffstall is a reporter for MRCTV where he chronicles current events and activism.  His on the ground reporting provides an in depth look into protests and political activism as they happen.


@JustenCharters: A co-founder of Resist44, Justen Charters is a passionate conservative and absolute master of hash-tag games. Charters regularly starts trending topics on twitter and drives the conversation back towards the right. He is an excellent person to follow in order to find out what the next trending topic on twitter will be, well before it happens.

@mVespa1: Matt Vespa works for the Media Research Center and is a graduate of Dickenson College. He is a contributor to Resist44 and writes for a host of other publications in the conservative blog-sphere.

@JeromeEHudson: Jerome Hudson is a member of the Project 21 black leadership network and serves on the National Advisory Council. He tweets about everything from politics to food and he’s incredibly sharp and funny. He’s also very interactive—even though he’s got more than 7,000 followers.

@MatthewHurtt: Matthew Hurtt is a Virginia Delegate to the 2012 GOP Convention and is a Goldwater enthusiast. His tweets are funny, smart and on-point.  


@KatiePavlich: Katie Pavlich is the news editor at and author of the bestselling book Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and its Shameless Cover-Up. She is one of the most interactive conservative pundits on twitter. A 2010 graduate from the University of Arizona, she’s already made an incredible mark in the conservative movement.

@ScooterSchaefer: Scooter Schaefer is the Social Media Manager for the Media Research Center, where he focuses on social media and marketing. He is the master of wit and has an on point tweet for nearly every current event.

@greg_zemaitis: Frat-tastic UNC-Charlotte undergraduate Greg Zemaitis challenges liberal ideology, 140 characters at a time.  In addition to his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering, Greg is the Research Director for Resist 44. Gruff, unabashedly conservative, and frequently hilarious, Greg is definitely a must-follow.   

@scrowder: Steven Crowder is an actor, stand-up comedian, writer, and contributor to Fox News.  Born in Michigan, and raised in Montreal, Steven is a burgeoning talent with a dedicated twitter following.  Combining humor with his conservative politics, Crowder frequently updates his YouTube channel with politically incorrect musings about national political issues.    

@jason_howerton: Jason Howerton is a writer for The Blaze, where he specializes in controversial topics and political scandals.  Follow him to keep up to date on the hottest topics in the national media.

@TabithaHale: Tabitha Hale is the Director of New Media at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.  With an astounding 34,000 plus followers and growing, Tabitha is one of the heavy hitters among conservatives on twitter.

@BonnieKristian: Bonnie Kristian is the Director of Communications for Young Americans for Liberty.  A veteran of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign in Virginia, Bonnie is an expert in blogging and online communications.

@LachlanMarkay: Lachlan Markay is an investigative reporter for the Heritage Foundation.  Lachlan works to break news stories for Heritage’s Center for Media and Public Policy and primarily publishes fast-paced policy analysis on their blog Scribe.

@M_McAulay: Author of the blog Faith Hope and Politics, Madeleine McAulay shot to political relevance in 2012 when her video promoting traditional marriage was removed from YouTube.  A contributor to and a trampoline enthusiast, McAulay is currently writing her first book.    

@BTHockey + @Capit0lism: Bryan Thomas (Bthockey) and Felicia Graham (Capit0lism) both write for the blog BandofPatriots. These young guns of the conservative movement are barely eligible to vote. Despite this, their political commentary is funny and smart, and one can expect them to do big things on their respective college campuses in the near future.