Leftist George Washington Professor Threatens Catholic University with Lawsuit

Recently, Catholic University announced a plan to phase back in single sex dorms.  The change was made in an effort to curtail the binge drinking, casual hookups and other problems with student behavior: getting rid of the coed dorms.  “We just thought it was a more wholesome environment,” said John H. Garvey, who became president of Catholic last year. “A little separation is a healthy thing.”


Rather than allow the university to determine act on what it thinks is best for its students, a professor from a different school is threatening to sue to stop the action.  John Banzhaf, a professor at George Washington University Law School, plans to sue Catholic University over their change in dormitory policy.


The liberal professor claims that single sex dorms violate Washington D.C.'s 'human rights act' which prohibits discrimination based on gender.  He did not say exactly what section he thinks that Catholic University will be in violation of, and the move appears intended to intimidate Catholic University into backing off of their plan in order to avoid a costly court case.  Banzhaf admitted as much, saying that the lawsuit threat was intended to ““take the wind out of their sails” before they can start implementing the policy.


Catholic University should be allowed to set its own policies, without having to deal with threats of lawsuits from liberal professors from other universities.  Since the policy will only be applied to new students, all students involved will have chosen to participate in the single sex dorms, those students who enrolled under the mixed gender dorm policy will remain in mixed gender dorms until they graduate.  There's no reason Catholic University should be held hostage to the ideology of lawsuit-happy liberal professors across the country.

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