Why Protest? 5 Reasons to Get Out There

Campus Reform Reporter

Demonstrations and protests are some of the most effective methods to draw attention to your group and your cause, yet many conservatives remain reluctant to protest. There are multiple reasons your group should consider demonstrating or protesting:

Protests grab attention, raise a commotion, and force people to pay attention to your cause.   

  • The media may lean left, but it is also drawn to conflict and spectacle.  Protesting and public activism are the best way to draw attention to your group and your message.  This is especially true for groups which are not popular…yet. 

Protests create excitement and energize your side. 

  • Conservatives tend to shy away from protests, and young conservatives have thus far been incapable of building youth movements as large and as vibrant as those on the left.  The two phenomena are not unrelated:  Protests are fun and give group members a reason be more actively involved.  They also incite opposition, which can radicalize the supporters of your cause into further action.

Protests take away coverage from left-wing speakers and events. 

  • A protest, no matter how small, will change the coverage of a story.  If you have an obvious presence at a left-wing event, a fair amount of the media coverage will be about you.  You will get your message out and distract from their message. 

Conservative protests demoralize leftists.

  • Leftists are not used to conservative opposition; it will shock and discourage them.  They may use abusive or offensive language that you can later quote against them.  They may leave their event early, or even cancel their action if they know you are coming.  Whatever happens, your presence will in some way stymie their plans.

Protests help your group grow. 

  • No one is interested in joining a group which does nothing but talk amongst itself.  Protesting can be intimidating because of the limelight it entails.  It takes courage, but it will also be encouraging to those who agree with you and thought they were alone on campus.  If done correctly, demonstrations will win your group new recruits.  Activism leads to a positive cycle of growth and better activism.

The San Antonio Tea Party protest in April of 2009.

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