Campus Activism Tips

LI’s Campus Leadership Program has many resources which student activists can use to combat liberal abuses on their campus.

Read the activism tips listed below co-written by Leadership Institute (LI) founder and President Morton Blackwell, and LI staff members experienced in on-campus activism.

 Each abuse is listed with a link to a story about how you can combat this type of abuse on your campus.

Read these tips to increase the effectiveness of your activism and  expose liberal abuses on your campus.

You can gain fame for your activism, hold your administration accountable, and make an impact defending your principles.

“Assignment by faculty of one-sided textbooks and readings which systematically push leftist ideas and denigrate or ignore conservative ideas.”

Campus speech codes and campus rules which facilitate leftist indoctrination and clamp down on any expression of conservative opinions.”

'"Overwhelmingly leftist speakers provided to speak to graduates and their families at graduation ceremonies.”

Refusal or long delays in granting conservative student groups recognition as official campus groups, despite the presence of many officially recognized leftist student groups.

Enforced diversity in every area except for the adherence to or the teaching of conservative principles.” 

“Compulsory freshman orientation programs and “sensitivity” training designed by leftists to undermine traditional values.”

“Faculty who urge students in their classes to vote for specific leftist candidates.”

Vandalization of campus offices of conservative student groups.”

“Elimination of single-sex bathrooms in dormitories or establishment of special bathrooms for the transgendered.”

Violation of freedom of association through persecution or prohibition of fraternities and sororities.”

Indoctrination of students in class by faculty who promote socialist ideas and other leftist priorities.”

Leftist domination of most student government associations.”

Leftist faculty using their class time to preach politics instead of teaching the topic at hand.”

“Large numbers of courses presented that explicitly in their catalog descriptions push leftist ideology, but no balance of conservative principles offered in the curriculum.”

Persecution of students and student organizations who are motivated by religious faith"

Proliferation of leftist signs, posters, and flyers posted on bulletin boards all over campus but the immediate defacement or tearing down of comparable conservative materials.”

“Prohibitions of ROTC programs on campus.”

“Tenure rules which give lifetime salaries to even the most incompetent leftist professors.”

“Programs which present overwhelmingly leftist off-campus speakers to the students”

Toleration of leftist slogans and advertising posted on dorm room doors but restriction and destruction of comparable conservative communications.”

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