Atlas Shrugged Part II producer Harmon Kaslow in a candid interview with Campus Reform

CAMPUS REFORM:  ...Atlas Shrugged is a very large novel. Would you start by telling me what the biggest challenge was in condensing Ayn Rand’s novel into a movie?

KASLOW:  The first challenge was making a decision as to what story we were going to tell and what our overall thought and approach to the movie was.

The first thing that came [to our] realization was that millions of people have read this book, and now we have this great opportunity to make it into a motion picture. The most daunting thing was the realization that we cannot make the movie that’s been playing in people’s heads since they closed the cover of the book.

An innovative steel plant is threatened by excessive government regulation in ‘Atlas Shrugged Part II.’ The movie hits theaters Oct 12.

Our approach has been “let’s create movies that celebrate Ayn Rand’s ideas and let’s do it in a way that faithfully adapts what those ideas and messages are in the book.”

This should be done in a way that, if you haven’t read the book, you can still go to the theater and walk out of there feeling like you have an understanding of it. Hopefully you have been inspired enough to want to go out and read the book and learn more about it.

CAMPUS REFORM: Out of all the themes you want to convey in this movie, which do you think is the most important?

KASLOW: Well, I think that the message is really about small government, individual achievement, free markets, and what happens when capitalism becomes a dirty word.

We’re in a period of time where students need to be looking into the future and what it holds for them, what the opportunities are, and what, if anything, is happening from a policy standpoint or political standpoint that is affecting those things.

Atlas Shrugged gives a picture of what happens when government becomes overreaching.

CAMPUS REFORM: Do you think that the sequel will be even more of a success because it’s being released during a major election cycle?

KASLOW: Absolutely. Ayn Rand was a staunch supporter of capitalism, smaller government, free markets, and those are the messages of Atlas Shrugged. They still resonate today. We want to be a part of the conversation during this election cycle; it’s a great opportunity for like-minded people to come together and experience what Atlas Shrugged is all about and hopefully be inspired to “right the ship,” the course that America is on today.

CAMPUS REFORM: Was the timing of the movie release a calculated marketing move on your part?

KASLOW: Absolutely, it is all intentional.

CAMPUS REFORM: Do you have any advice for conservative or libertarian college students who want to get into film?

KASLOW: Yes, I think that there are enormous opportunities there. In connection with our marketing of the film, we found that there are groups – policy groups, political groups  - across the country who support this message, who believe that right now it’s important for them to be active in the American political landscape.

I think that one of the ways they can spread their message to a broader community is through the means of motion pictures. So, I think you’re going to see significantly more [conservative films]. There have been very few, so it’s not going to be hard to achieve a significant increase in the number of movies that have that sort of message.

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