Catholic college hosted pro-choice speaker who thanked God for abortion

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Saint Louis University (SLU), a Catholic school in Missouri, hosted a pro-choice speaker last week who thanked God for abortion on national television.

MSNBC personality, Touré Neblett, spoke at a Catholic college last week. He had previously come under fire when he thanked God for abortion.

Although the speaker, MSNBC personality Touré Neblett, did not address the issue in his actual remarks at the university, he voiced outspoken support for abortion on MSNBC’s, The Cycle, on Jan. 31.

“I thank God...that when I fell into a bad situation, abortion was there to save me and keep me on a path toward building a strong family I have now,” he said. “I pray that safety net stays in place.”

Touré also stirred controversy last year when he suggested in a tweet that women should hurry to get abortions in case Republicans managed to ban it.

“Girls, get your abortions NOW in case the Republicans win,” he tweeted.

Touré made the statement on MSNBC in the context of a story he was telling about a previous partner of his who chose abortion over taking a pregnancy to term.

Touré gave a speech at Saint Louis University entitled "How Racism Functions Today and Ways to Deal with it to Get Success.” In it he spoke about the “racism” of the Republican Party and stated that the NRA spreads an “intruder myth” to support gun rights.

The speech was the Keynote Lecture of SLU’s Black History Month festivities.

A group of students from the SLU chapter of Students for Life held a protest outside the event.

Amy Lutz, a member of Students for Life, told Campus Reform that, in her view, bringing Touré to speak was not consistent with the school’s mission and previous pro-life stances.

“They’ve actually banned speakers in the past who were pro-choice,” she said.  “Our former basketball coach was pro-choice and he came under fire for that, but this time they completely ignored it.”

Rick Majerus, the former basketball coach of SLU, made pro-abortion comments back in 2008 which prompted the Archbishop of St .Louis to urge the school to take “appropriate action” against him.

Lutz said that when she asked a school official about his abortion comments, they were unaware of the matter.

“I brought that up with our Cross-Cultural Center and they basically told me ‘we didn’t know about that’ and that was the end of the conversation,” Lutz said.

A spokesperson for SLU could not be reached for comment by press time.

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