Professor calls alleged shooter Chris Dorner's manifesto 'epic,' criticizes LAPD response

A San Francisco State University  (SFSU) adjunct professor claimed Monday that the LAPD cares more about their own lives than those of the public and questioned the legitimacy of their pursuit of alleged police shooter Christopher Dorner.

Dorner is accused of killing three innocent victims.

“[W]hat you’re really seeing at the end of the day is higher value placed on the lives of the police, and you’re seeing them pulling out all the stops out to find this one this individual,” said Davey D. Cook, who is an adjunct professor in the Africana American Studies Department at SFSU.

Cook, also known as Davey D, is a journalist, hip-hop activist, and lecturer in the SFSU Africana Studies department made the claims on a Monday edition of Democracy Now.

The manhunt for Dorner, a disgruntled former LAPD officer, has terrorized the LA community.  Dorner is accused of murdering three innocent victims as retaliation for alleged mistreatment by his former co-officers.

Cook also expressed concern over the fact that the LAPD was tracking Dorner  aside the claims made in his manifesto.

“[G]ranted with the murders of the two people, the captain’s daughter and her fiancée, how do we know that he did it? I’m not defending this.  We know he said it in his manifesto, but what’s the evidence that they have that they are now pursuing [Dorner] is the question that I would ask?"

Cook also stated Dorner’s manifesto may shed light on the brutal actions of the LAPD.

“…people are concerned that his [Dorner’s] charges that LAPD is still corrupt and still very violent, I think resonates with a lot of folks and that’s something that needs to be checked out” said Cook.

He also claimed many police throughout California abuse their power in a way that constitutes a form of terrorism.

“You have a culture of police misconduct or police terrorism as many people call it that exists throughout all of southern California and so when incidents like this come up you have a very divided community.”

In a tweet sent out on February 7, Cook provided a link to Dorner’s manifesto which he labeled “epic.”

“Here's a copy of Christopher Dorner's full Uncensored, Unedited Manifesto..Its truly an Epic Read," he tweeted.

In a post on his personal blog and on Democracy Now Cook labeled the attempts by the LAPD to discuss Dorner’s firing as a “slick PR move.”

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