Colorado colleges lobbied against students’ right to conceal carry on campus

Two public universities in Colorado paid lobbyists to fight students’ rights to carry concealed weapons on campus.

A report in the Denver Post reveals two public universities in Colorado paid lobbyists to fight students' ability to carry concealed weapons on campus.

According to a report in the Denver Post, Colorado State University and Colorado Community College System both spent indiscernible amounts of money in support of HB 13-1226, which would ban concealed weapons on campus.

“Exact totals are impossible to calculate since both organization paid lobbyist in a lump sum, and the lobbyists are working on multiple bills for them,” stated the report.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Community College System confirmed this in a separate interview with Campus Reform. According to Rhonda Bentz, Director of Media and Government Relations, the system has contract lobbyists that work on multiple bills that concern campus-related issues, and HB 13-1226 is one of them.

“We feel [gun control] is a matter of safety for our students and college personnel,” the spokesperson added when asked if it is appropriate for institutions to lobby against their students’ right to conceal carry.

House Bill 13-1226 is opposed by the group Students for Concealed Carry (SCC), which has condemned the bill on their website.

“College should work to educate their students, not victimize them,” SCC’s Colorado Legislative Coordinator Katherine Whitney told Campus Reform. “House Bill 13-1226 decreases a student’s ability to defend herself on campus and off-campus as she walks home from class.”

HB 13-1226, along with three other gun control measures, passed the Colorado state house last month and are scheduled to be debated in the state senate this week.

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