George Washington University students enthusiastically welcome Ron Paul

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More than 1,400 attendees warmly welcomed former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), last Monday, for a speech at George Washington University, located in the heart one of the United States' most liberal cities, Washington DC.

Former Rep. Ron Paul spoke at George Washington University last Monday to a large crowd of students.

Paul called for the government to put an end to the war on drugs and end foreign wars.  

Will Healy, a sophomore at GWU, described himself as a Ron Paul supporter and believes that Paul has a large appeal to young people due to his more socially liberal ideas than most conservatives.

“He was much more socially liberal than many of the other candidates and for many people of my generation, it seems being socially liberal is one of their biggest issues,” Healy said.

Fletcher Karper, a freshman at GWU, was trying to recruit for his Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the event and said he supported Ron Paul in his presidential campaign because of his ideas.

“I just the like the ideas he preaches across the board,” Karper said.

Not all the students who attended the speech described themselves as libertarians. Chris Hartnett described himself as a social conservative, but he says that he likes a lot of what Ron Paul says.

“I think he speaks with a lot of common sense…and he makes good points, fiscally,” Harnett said.

Greg Marak, a self-described moderate, said he did not support Paul in the primaries, but he still had a great deal of respect for Paul and his views.

“I really respect him for standing up to the establishment and just always saying what he truly believes in,” Marak said.

Ulrik Boesen, a Danish national and GWU alumni, said that Paul’s message is not just limited to America, but has potential in Europe as well.

“Some places in Europe that are suffering under socialism have been listening to Paul’s message of economic liberty and are starting to agree with it,” Boesen said.

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