Anti-Defamation League skewers anti-Israel group at Harvard for posting demolition notices on student dorms

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The Anti-Defamation League has attacked the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) for posting eviction notices on students’ dormitory doors last week as a part of “Israeli Apartheid Week.”

The Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee posted mock eviction notices on students' dorm rooms last week

The notices threatened that students dorms would be demolished within three days and that the occupant must leave the premises or be forced out.

In the Anti-Defamation League’s condemnation of the action last week it accused the pro-Palestinian group intolerance and a campaign of intimidation.

“We recognize and support free speech, but condemn the anti-Israel views expressed in the eviction notices as factually incorrect and intolerant,” Robert Trestan, an ADL Representative, said in the statement.

Giacomo Bagarella, a spokesman for the PSC, said the notices were handed out indiscriminately and denied they intentionally targeted Jewish students.

“We do not keep a list of these students and we did not seek to target any particular individuals in our efforts,” Bagarella said.

According to college information site, at least 30-percent of students who attend Harvard University are Jewish.

The PSC, according to Bagarella, was satisfied with the controversy the notices stirred on campus.

“This would catch their attention, hopefully make them sympathetic to Palestinians who find real eviction notices on their homes, and ideally interest them to find out more about what is going on in Israel-Palestine and draw them to our events,” Bagarella told Campus Reform.

“The initiative seeks to present an analogy between the racist and discriminatory system which existed in South Africa and that which exists in Israel-Palestine today,” Bagarella said.

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