University police chief fights bill to allow employees, students to conceal-carry on campus

The chief of police at the University of Nevada - Reno (UNR) is fighting legislation that would permit school faculty, staff and students with concealed carry permits to bring firearms on campus.

The chief of police at the University of Nevada, Reno, opposes legislation that allows students with concealed carry permits to bring firearms on campus.

Campus police Chief Adam Garcia told a local news affiliate, last Friday, that standards put in place by the state for concealed carry permits may bot be sufficient to protect students from each other or their faculty and administrators.

“If folks were to want to carry weapons on this campus and they expanded it so you could carry, then I would like to see an expansion of that training process,” he said.

Those comments were in response to a recent bill, S.B. 223, introduced by Nevada State Senator Joe Hardy (R-12), which would allow anyone affiliated with a college to bring their licensed weapon onto campus.

“It would create a Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences of which we don’t know what they are,” he told Campus Reform.

Garcia said that while he supports the Second Amendment, the rights it provides do not necessarily extend to government or school property.

“I’m a Second Amendment guy," he said. "I believe in the right to bear arms but like so many things in the Constitution it’s not absolute… [I] think the court agreed that there are some places guns should never be allowed like government buildings, school environments.

Mike Newbern, the assistant director of public relations for Students for Concealed Carry, a pro-campus carry advocacy group, argued historical precedent for concealed carry on campus proves it can be safe.

“Chief Garcia doesn't have to look far for his answer," he said. "Colorado's been allowing campus carry for a decade now with great results. Furthermore, these folks he has concerns about can already carry concealed off-campus.

"Are they shooting up their places of work or each other off campus?," he continued. "Why is the campus different?”

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