[VIDEO] Breitbart reporter says he faced discrimination at American University for conservative beliefs

Josiah Ryan
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

An investigative journalist for the Breitbart News Network says he faced discrimination at American University, in Washington D.C., for his conservative beliefs.

Matt Boyle of Breitbart News told Campus Reform he faced discrimination for his conservative views while enrolled in college.

“The university professors actually on a regular basis... tried to intimidate me and they graded me on a different scale than everybody else. They held me to different standards than anybody else in the program because I was a conservative."

“The open liberals were not held to the same standard,” he alleged.  

The American University public relations department declined comment despite multiple requests from Campus Reform over the period of three days.  

Boyle, who worked for the The Daily Caller before joining Breitbart, has an undergraduate degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla. D.C. From early 2010 through late 2012, he worked at The Daily Caller before moving to Breitbart News.

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WATCH: Breitbart reporter tells Campus Reform he faced discrimination for conservative views in college

Josiah Ryan

Josiah Ryan

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Josiah Ryan is a former editor-in-chief for Campus Reform, and former director of communications for LI's Campus Leadership Program. Previously Josiah reported on the U.S. Senate for The Hill newspaper in Washington D.C. and was the cofounder of The Floor Action blog, a live-stream on policy, politics, and procedure in the upper chamber.
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