UPDATE: U of Tennessee to cut state funding for controversial sex week

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Administrators at the University of Tennessee (UT) on Wednesday said they would no longer use state funds for the school’s sex week, which begins April 8th.

State funds will no longer be used for sex week at the University of Tennessee.

The decision came following a Campus Reform report early in March that detailed the school’s plans to spend $20,000 on the event which would feature a “Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt” and an “interactive workshop” from self-described “lesbian BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) expert” Sinclair Sexsmith.

Several Tennessee State Legislators used the report to harshly criticize the school for hosting the sex week and threatened to cut state funding for the university.

The school will slash a total of $11,145 of state funds from the event, according to press release. The Sex Week still has $6,700 left for the event that will come from student fees.

UT President Joe Dipietro and Chancellor Jimmy Cheek also criticized the planned event in the press release, suggesting it may not have been an appropriate use of taxpayer’s dollars.

“The University’s three-part mission is to provide education, research and public service, and the state allocates this funding to help us fulfill the mission,” said Dipietro. “Some activities planned as part of Sex Week are not an appropriate use of state tax dollars.”

The school came under fire from two legislators who both represent the district that encompasses the school in the Tennessee legislature.

Senator Stacey Campfield (R) called for the state senate to reconsider approving UT’s budget and Representative Bill Dunn (R) labeled the event as a sign of “public moral depravity.”

Campus Reform was the first to report on the Sex Week, followed by FOX News.

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