U of Alabama awards LGBT activists on campus with scholarship

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The University of Alabama (UA) annually awards students at the school who are heavily involved in LGBT activism with a substantial scholarship.

Students who work to promote LGBTQ rights are eligible for a special scholarship at the University of Alabama.

The Elliott Jackson Jones Memorial Scholarship for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Activism requires a student to have an “active participation in changing the climate on campus in regards to the LGBTQ community,” “commitment to fostering a LGBTQ friendly atmosphere,” and a “connection to LGBTQ student life here at the University of Alabama.”

The Capstone Alliance, an LGBT-campus organization for UA faculty and staff, is in charge of handling the scholarship and the amount of money awarded to the selected student is a one-time sum of $1,000. This amount is comparable to the scholarships that UA awards incoming students for their academic merit.

Capstone Scholars, both in-state and out-state awardees, receive an annual sum of $1,500 to pursue their studies at UA. The monetary award for the LGBT activism is also the same amount that is awarded on an annual basis to National Merit Scholars at the university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The most recent winner of the award, Kaylyn A. Johnson, was selected by Capstone for the scholarship owing to her “fighting for queer visibility on campus, addressing stereotypes and prejudices held by peers and faculty, and making sacrifices to support students in moments of crisis.”

The website lists that she will use the scholarship to fund living expenses for a summer internship in Washington, DC where she’ll be working for an advocacy group that focuses on gender and sexuality activism.

A representative for the Capstone Alliance could not be reached by the time of publication.

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