[SHOCK VIDEO] Dartmouth students blast school for alleged support of ‘sexism, racism, capitalism, hate’

A Dartmouth College student group has published a video with strong racial undertones which accuses the they Ivy League school of supporting  “sexism... racism... capitalism... hate... ableism.”

The video, which was published by a new Dartmouth school group calling itself “#realtalk,” is set to a 1964 Ella Baker song which evokes a time when “killing of Black men, Black mothers’ sons Is as important as the killing of White men, White mothers’ sons.”

Each person appearing in the video holds up handwritten charging “Dartmouth” of sexism, racism, capitalism, and other offenses.

“At Dartmouth we are divided and conquerable.”



“Dartmouth supports violence against Queer students.”

At the end of the video each student holds a sign proclaiming, “Dartmouth needs change.” 

WATCH: Dartmouth students accuse school of widespread racism and sexism

On its official blog, the new organization, #realtalk, also claims credit for a loud protest on Friday which disturbed a recruiting event held by the school’s official admissions office.

In the protest, students chanted against “Dartmouth,” shouting that the famous Ivy League school has “a problem” with sexual assaults and suggesting the administration is complicit.

Protesters shouted “only two rapists expelled in twenty years” and “three years, fifteen reported sexual assaults, but 95 percent of assaults unreported.”

They also alleged Amerindian students are “confronted by racist Indian mascots” in reference to the school’s unofficial Indian mascot.

In a post on the Dartmouth Real Talk blog, a student, Karolina Krelinova, further accused Dartmouth College of incidents of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and ableism have been marked by inaction” and defended the protest, which she acknowledged could have hurt the school’s recruiting efforts.

“Dear Prospective Dartmouth student... I am one of the protesters who disrupted the Dimensions Show on Friday, April 19th,” she wrote.  “Some have blamed us for trying to harm Dartmouth, but I am proud of having stood in front of you precisely because I am trying to make Dartmouth a better place for you and me.”

An email from Dartmouth College Dean Charlotte Johnson  was forwarded to Campus Reform where she expressed support for the #realtalk student’s protest and worried about harassment over their actions.

“As you may be aware, on Friday evening a small group of students chose a Dimensions event to protest and express their views regarding some aspects of campus life,” she wrote.

“The choice of venue may be debated, we are concerned because students who participated in the protest--as well as many students not involved in any way--are reporting that they are being harassed by other members of our community,” she continued. “Threats and intimidation--even if made anonymously or online--violate our standards and expectations for the Dartmouth community. This kind of behavior is never justified.”

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