Student group lampoons unions with 'dysfunctional unionized' hot dog stand

A conservative student group protested unions last weekend at California State University Fresno (CSUF) by constructing "union" and “right to work” hot dog stands at the school’s annual fair.

Attendees were shocked hot dogs cost $25 at the "unionized" stand compared to just $2 at the “right to work” competitor stand.

Inside the “unionized hot dog stand” conservative student-actors played the parts of employees who refused to work efficiently.

While one “unionized” actor took orders, another placed hot dogs on buns, and yet two others distributed condiment packets. The "union workers” constantly went on “strike” and raised prices to cover their slow business.

Actors playing employees in the “right to work” booth, meanwhile, did brisk business, selling more than 1,000 actual hot dogs to fair attendees for $2 each.

Organizer of the event, Andrew McMillan, who is the CSUF Young Americans for Liberty president-elect, said some of the fair attendees were so shocked by the “unionized worker's" dismal performance that they actually paid up to $25 for a poorly assembled hot dog.

McMillan said he believes this is a form of "forced unionization" and is actually driving people out of the state of California.

“We believe people are voting with their feet and going places where they can keep the most money in their own pockets,” he said.

The hot dog stand, an activism project of the conservative Leadership Institute, received third prize for the best decorated booth at the Vintage Days fair in Fresno, Calif.

WATCH: Students in California form unionized hot dog stand

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